Holiday Shopping

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  1. I went shopping this week and got to thinking. This is the time of the year when there is the most merchandise. I find I purchase 1 gift for them and 1 for me, 2 for them and 1 for me and so on. Worst part is I enter and run for the handbag department. I know I am not alone, fess up, who's here with me?
  2. definitely, if i find something for someone else and i like it as well, it is always one for her, one for me! lol. hahahaha we're all soooo bad.... that's what i did when i went shopping for my sister's gift.
  3. me too!
  4. guilty all so :smile:
  5. Ha, Ha,:lol: me too.
  6. Two for me, one for them :biggrin: :lol:
  7. Okay, okay ... Bah Humbug ... I HATE HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!!! This is the time of year where you would think that folks would be in a good mood ... you know, the holiday and all that. Instead, they all seem to be in major-league "Biatch" mode!! I always try to get all my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving ... SERIOUSLY!
  8. I have that before-Thanksgiving goal as well. I used to work in retail and once Thanksgiving hit, my hours were FOREVER and the last thing I wanted to do when I wasn't working was to go into someone else's store! I start early and finish early -- I was all done a week ago!
  9. no matter what time of year, i always head for the handbag section before anything else...and if my mom is with me, she has to be instructed not to speak until i'm done, because she just rains on my handbag parade.

    i love online shopping more and more with each passing day, though, since i work retail. it's nice not to have to talk to anyone while buying something or wait in line or have someone go find something for me and never come back.
  10. What can I say I'm a giver? I buy things for other people first (mostly for family) and then I think about me. If I like a particular item, I'd probably get one for me too. But if there's only 1 left, and I want it too...but for example my sister would love it more...then...I must comply. hehe
  11. To be completely honest, I hate shopping this time of year because of the rediculous crowds. So, I try to do most of my shopping online at this time of year. However, I am guilty of going shopping for Christmas gifts and coming home with no gifts, for my loved ones that is. I use the Neiman Marcus website religiously for gifts, and because of their amazing customer service, I can call my personal shopper and he will mail items that I need to me ASAP. Gotta love Neiman's--I'm sure all the other Texas girls will agree.
  12. Me too!!! I tend to buy things that I also like to my friends too but in different colors or sizes. I mean you like the particular gift you pick out because duh... you yourself also like it too! lol ;) So I sometimes do end up buying an extra one for myself too which tends to make me go over my Xmas budget. ::sigh:: :shame:
  13. Yeah, IssMom ... I have a lot of friends that work retail (at Barney's, Neiman Marcus, L/V, etc.), and they tell me their 'war' stories about the nasty customers ... especially around this time of year. My cousin also works retail, and just loathes this time of year. It's sad because it should be such a nice time. Unfortunately, we put way too much emphasis on the gift-giving (and "quality" of such) here in the US. The same is not true in Europe (France, Italy, Germany), where the emphasis is more on spending time with your family and friends.
  14. I buy myself a small gift or two when I go holiday shopping. Why not? But I love finding the perfect gift for someone. This year I got my mom a digital camera. She loves to take pictures, but always buys those terrible disposable cameras. She's going to love it :love:
  15. And I didn't even have that much of an excuse! I was a merchandising executive! I didn't work on the sales floor and by the time the holidays hit, I couldn't really get any more merchandise into the country for stock. But I still had the unending calls from the SAs asking/begging/pleading.... I knew they were getting it from the customers. I just spent as little time on the sales floor as I could muster!