Holiday Shopping Shipping Madness


Aug 19, 2006
I guess the holiday shopping has taken its' toll on shipping online purchases! I placed an order for a Tracy bag in whiskey from and the dark chocolate Edith Shopper from on the 23rd of Dec. and used the code for free shipping to get it in time for the 24th. As expected, they didn't get to me in time so I waited today. Well the packages came all right, but my Chloé Tracy was nowhere to be found, in its' stead is this MIU MIU bag:

Miu Miu*-* Soft Lux Large Frame Satchel*-* Neiman Marcus

My Chloé Edith Shopper in dark brown wasn't dark brown at all but IVORY which I already have. Sigh... All are going back to their respective warehouses as I was able to score better deals from Saks.

Interestingly enough, the Miu Miu bag is $1,295, way more than the $823.00 that was charged me for the Tracy but I can't even find anything appealing about this Miu Miu bag.

Has this happened to anybody else?
You are NOT alone....

Instead of shipping the Chloes sandle that they've charges me, they put a "REPLACEMENT" shoe of a brand which I don't like and was at a lower price!!!!!!!!

I've called to report the mix-up and it is going back to NM immediately.

Can't believe they did that to you and me and maybe MORE others....

My shipping problem was not with purses but equally important -- my kid's Xmas presents from FAO. I received them finally right before Xmas and they paid for the shipping. The order was placed Dec. 9. I was thankful I found someone who was able to straighten it out. So sorry about your problem.
:wtf: that's so sad! What a shame! I would be horrified if it happened to me...but thank goodness you found better deals at Saks!

And to think, out there somewhere is someone w/ your Tracy bag perhaps...bemoaning the "loss" of their miu miu!