~Holiday shopping~**REVEAL**~

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  1. Beautiful! The lamb leather is so lush:love: Congrats!
  2. Congrats! What a lovely suprise you got yourself tz ;). You must have been really good!
    Happy X-mas!
  3. looks fab leather - mega congrats
  4. Congrats for a lovely bag!!
  5. The leather on this one looks amazing. Congratulations! And Happy Christmas!
  6. Yepp the leather is super soft.. I can't wait to start using it tomorrow!!:biggrin:
  7. Oo I just want to touch it the leather is beautiful huge congrats!
  8. Thanks tiggernic! I'm totally in love with it right now!
  9. @teddiescorner, DoubleDutch, ditzyfordaria, lola73 Thanks guys! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!!:yahoo:
  10. hehe Thank you MESSY!! The leather is plonge lambskin which is very soft.. can't wait to use it tomorrow!!:yahoo:
  11. Elvis, Thanks and Merry Christmas!:Partyhat:
  12. The leather looks lovely!! Yummy bag. Congrats and happy xmas ;)
  13. The best gifts are the ones you buy yourself !! lol
    Congrats and love the Mulberry stickers in the catalog !!
  14. I saw someone with a black hayden tote IRL a few weeks ago and thought it was really gorgeous. Congrats!

    The leather looks so lovely. What a great Christmas gift to yourself!
  15. what a lovely bag - I really like the stitch detailing and a great size. Happy Christmas to you!!!!!