Holiday shoppers, please be careful out there!

  1. With everyone rushing around this time of year, I wanted to remind you to please be alert and careful when shopping at the mall. I just heard about an attack at a mall that I go to, it happened in broad daylight in the parking lot. The woman was attacked and robbed and will need reconstructive surgery (which tells you they didn't just grab her bags and run). You'd think the mall would be super busy and that a criminal wouldn't be that bold/stupid, but they are. Criminals are looking for easy prey. This can happen at any mall! So please, if you're shopping alone, take the extra 2 minutes to wait for the mall security guard to escort you to your car.
  2. aww thanks balihai88!! im always super careful leaving the mall. and i never open my trunk in public parking then go inside, because people will see if i have bags in there or not. i usually just open and put bags in then drive off to the next location. yes, everyone please becareful!!
  3. Wow that is terrible.

    My friend's husband was robbed with a gun and carjacked the day after Thanksgiving. People are just crazy nowadays. :tdown: