Holiday returns without receipt?

  1. I've been wanting a Coach leather bag for 3 years but always put it off due to the price. Well, DH bought me a beautiful raisin Legacy shoulder bag for Xmas. The only problem is that it is all scratched up! He says the salesperson told him that it was distressed leather so he thought it was supposed to look that way AND he can't find the receipt. Aargh.

    After spending two hours on this site and staring at the bag on the Coach site, I'm pretty sure they are scratches from handling in the store, etc. I feel like a creep for wanting to return his gift, but I know it will bug me every time I look at the bag.

    Do you think the Coach stores will make exceptions over the holiday and provide me an exchange or store credit? I guess I could take the credit card receipt, gift box, etc in as proof.

  2. Just leave the tags on it and there shouldn't be a problem. Coach is very good about returns. You'll be able to exchange it or get a credit.
  3. Thanks! That eases my mind.

    I'll be one of the early birds at the mall tomorrow. I can't wait to use it!
  4. As previously said, you should be fine as long as the tags are on and you will probably get an exchange or merchandise credit. If the tags were missing you would probably have some problems with the return.
  5. yes leave the tags on but even if not, coach has an amazing return policy! my signature dog leash broke while i was walking my lab!! i bought 2 matching ones (the other for my chow) and only 1 broke. when i brought it to the outlet they totally just exchanged a new one for me. they gave me a leather one bc the signature one was sold out!
  6. Did you pay with credit card? a statement might help. If it was a recent purchase it should be fine. I know the outlet near me is picky and checks id and cards used when purchase.
  7. If you can't deal with scratches, then the Legacy line is not for you. The vintage leather will scratch every time your fingernail grazes it, or if you rub up against anything. It's the nature of the leather. I hope you find one you're happy with.