1. The Holidays are creeping up on us again! :yahoo:
    What are your plans?

    For Hanukkah I will be in New York and spend it with my family.
    For New Years I am going to MIAMI!!!:wlae:
    I can't wait to get some sun and relax we are only going for 8 days but its better than nothing. Originally I wanted a longer vacation but the BF has to work and he can't get away for that long. I think we will go to a nice lounge to celebrate new years and I want to save up a little money to go shopping in Bal Harbor (Its one of my favorite places to shop and lunch).:lol: :upsidedown: :love:
    I am counting down the weeks.
  2. My family usually goes to Scotland for Christmas and we rent a bunch of cottages and a few cars. It is cold and rainy and perfect for Christmas.
  3. we all live within 10-15 miles from each other in OC here.. so we gather centrally in the richest and biggest house.. and have tons of food and gift giving, etc etc.
  4. That sounds amazing!

    We will be going to the in laws...
  5. none yet ... but this year will be crazy (mom's 50th birthday right before Christmas + Christmas + New Year's)
  6. bah humbug. i am such a scrooge. between the six family holiday get togethers i must attend every year, i think i've earned the right. (i put my foot down this year and each set of parents only gets my presence at one...that brings the grand total down to four)

    my brother and i always end up snarking in a corner...that's actually the most fun part. hehe. this is honestly my very least favorite time. so many people pulling me in so many directions. i'm only one person! </rant>

    is january here yet?? :biggrin:
  7. Irish girl that sounds cozy.
    Frozen we did that last year and it was fun but I really need to get away into the warm weather. I love gifts and a beautiful environment.
    Sonya last year we had the holidays and a close family friends large bar mitzvah party for their son but its fun to dress up and spend to with them fam.
  8. Going to Beijing from the 8th-21st to visit my parents and relatives. Then bf is picking me up from the airport and we might be going back to his hometown or their family farm to celebrate xmas. I hope we go to the farm! I love traditional xmas!