Holiday Photo's

  1. Hello everybody, well some of you may know that I went Greece for 2 weeks and I came back on Saturday. I took lots of pics. Greece is an amazing place, me and my family have been before and love it.]
  2. But there are so many fake there, even in supermarkets :wtf:, I tried to snap lots of pics of these. I saw a fake Klara in one of the shops and a fake noe, these too looked like superfakes, never saw anything like them.
    I went in one leather shop and was chatting to this lady about her fake grooms, she showed me lots of pics of them compared to the real thing but obviously I wasnt gunna buy haha.

    Sorry some of the pics are bad, they were secretly took on my phone, and finally the strawberry blossom haha :roflmfao:
  3. Looks like you had a great time. Though it's sad to see so many fakes.
  4. The water looks so inviting!
    Loved your pics but the fakes made me queasy.....:throwup:
  5. i have never seen a marly before! haha, i have so much to learn! the strawberry lv is soooooo funny!

    sounds like you had fun. greece looks so beautiful.
  6. the water and your bag is beautiful! the fakes are yucky :yucky:
  7. strawberry blossom! :roflmfao:
  8. Greece is so beautiful! One of my friends is Greek and went to visit her family for SIX weeks this summer, I saw the most beautiful landscapes and all on her photo's! Stunning.

    Those shelves of fake LV's & Fendi's look a lot less stunning though :push:
    But I have to say, most of them at least have a monogram that is about right... I went on a holiday to the Czech Republic this summer and the crap in the shops you see there! It's all even more bad made there - with even creepyer fleurs than these, and PERFUME that's called "Strugo Boos" or "Noemi Caramell" (from Hugo Boss and Naomi Campbel...)

    Anyways, hope you had fun in the wonderfull world of Greece ;)
  9. Looks like you had a great time. I love the pics you took! SO beautiful. Was it hot there? (It sure was sunny, there was not a cloud in the sky)
  10. Great Pics, thanks for sharing. :tup:
  11. Thanks for sharing your pics!
    That strawberry blossom was.........interesting.
  12. thankyou everyone :biggrin:

    DiorKiss - most of the people in our hotel were from the Netherlands , I love Dutch people

    Kiuty77 - yes It was sooooo hot, I couldnt even walk on the sand without my sandels on lol
  13. Glad that you had a great holiday! Hate the fakes! :smash:
  14. The fakes are awful but you're pictures of Greece are sooo gorgeous! I've never been but I've been wanting to go now for the past 2 years or so.. hopefully I'll make it there within the next 2 years. Either way, glad you had fun and you're back! :smile: