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  1. Following @Stardust Andromeda advise and starting a thread on this topic! Never too early, right? Please share any information you may have about this year’s holiday pendant!
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  2. Now we can start guessing!
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  3. I am with you! Guilloche with the diamond would be amazing!!!
  4. Could it be blue agate or is that too transparent of a material to work with the diamond center?
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  5. Given that they're having a hard time sourcing enough material for the 5 and 10 motif pieces as it is, I would be surprised if it was blue agate.
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  6. Hmm...yes probably, unless they are intentionally limiting supply of the agate. My vote is still for the guilloche - that would be gorgeous!
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  7. I hope it's something pink... was too slow on the pink sevres porcelain and have been kicking myself since.
  8. Here we go again...!!!:heart:
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  9. If I recall correctly, we didn't ind out for certain until September last year so this will be a VERY long summer!!!
    That said...hoping for agate, or better yet....turquoise!!
  10. Oh I hope this is it!
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  11. I hope it is not agate since I bought the 10 motif necklace. Hoping for guilloche!
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  12. Yes, let the guessing begin❤️❤️❤️❤️. I too am hoping for something pink but would love a turquoise, i know wishful thinking
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  13. Since we have been asking for a blue stone holiday pendant for years and have been getting various tones of brown and tan instead, I will go in a different direction and say I hope for the resurrection of the red/orange coral.
  14. I cannot even clue......
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  15. Ohhhh how exciting! No clue what it is but can’t wait to hear the intel!
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