holiday patchwork

  1. does anyone have a holiday patchwork from last do u like it?
  2. I dont but Im sure someone will be here to help you out soon.
  3. thanks i am eyeing a lot of things at the outlet but want some opinions before buying. please excuse me for posting so many questions every now and then. I trust the opinions of all the ladies out here and thats the only reason i might be a little bother for everyone.thanks for helping me.
  4. I had the holiday patchwork flats,then I returned them because I couldn't wear them with anything(I had no skirts).

    Anyway, if they were Holiday Patchwork Barrett Sneakers, I'd be wearing them right now!

  5. I think what I have is from last year's. I LUV IT! :yes: It's cute.. and I have the matching shoes also! hehehehe :graucho:

  6. chubbycheeks
    do u have the measurements of the patchwork gallery tote?
  7. Hi Summer! the approx measurements are 11.5 x 9 x 4.2.. strap drop length is approx 8.5 inches.. :smile:
  8. I have last year's holiday patchwork tote, and I absolutely love it! The patchwork design works really well on the shoulder totes, and the interior is a purplish-plum color. I really love it; it's one of my favorites.
  9. I think the holiday pw from last year is very pretty. I've heard they are coming to the outlets in September instead of November like they usually do.
  10. I don't have this patchwork but I :heart: it!!! I wanted it so bad last year. MAN! now I need even more money to get a piece at the outlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:push:
  11. I have the flats too. Patchwork designs are too much for me in a bag, but I like them in shoes. I love the flats, wear them with everything :smile: If another one comes out this year, I'll buy another pair.
  12. i lovet that patchwork. my outlets said they should have them in october..