~*~Holiday Patchwork Signature Bag~*~

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  1. I am looking for the Holiday Patchwork Bag, does anyone know where I can find a good deal? :flowers: :heart:
  2. ebay?
  3. are you looking for the one from last year, with the purple? i have one ive never carried
  4. Just so that we're on the same page, you're not asking if anyone here has one right? Because we aren't allowed to sell on the PF. However I'm sure that you could find one on ebay or maybe try the outlets.
  5. just checked ebay.
    there are quite a few totes, duffles, and demis. be sure to double check with us to make sure the one you're looking at is authentic! good luck with finding what you're looking for!
  6. Hey!
    I was just wondering if ya'll can recommend a place with a good price for one. :flowers:
  7. ebay for sure. maybe the outlets. kallison just found some on ebay. Just make sure to have it authenticated in the Authenticate This! thread before you buy it.:yes:
  8. Thanks for your help!! Hugs to ya'll :heart:
  9. I asked at my outlet three weekends ago about the holiday patchwork(purple, ocolet, patent) and they said that they should be receiving them in 4-6 weeks.
  10. Thanks for checking them out for me.
  11. always be wary of people with stock photos, glittering.
  12. Okay,,,so I should look for pictures that are of the inside, outside, bottom, etc?
  13. yup. but even then, it's no guarantee it's authentic. like mentioned before, PLEASE visit our authentication thread. list a few auctions you're looking at, and we'll give you our input.