Holiday Patchwork shoulder tote made for outlet?

  1. OK so I am looking around eBay and I see a lot of holiday patchwork because they got sent to the outlets right? But then I see this creed on a few of them..



    So the F means that it is made for the factory doesn't it? So, are they making this line for the outlets now?

    Is is exactly the same as the ones that were out last year? :confused1:
  2. This is the same line that was available in boutiques last year.....I don't know about making more...maybe you could ask someone there....
  3. All the holiday patchwork is bound to go to the outlets the following year. They sometimes make different shapes of bags but use the same material.
  4. yes, they are this year's factory bags basically. the gold patchwork will show up soon too...
  5. yep, holiday p/w is out outlets now. we have the gallery tote, shoulder tote, shoulder duffle, swing pack, and wristlet at my store. new floorset is at the end of the month, which is when the gold and brown p/w will be released :smile:

    and yes, the f means factory. :smile: