Holiday Patchwork is hitting the outlets NOW!!!

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  1. When I bought my bleecker today I saw the bleecker style patchwork bag in the Vegas Outlet. They only had one or two left but are expecting more!
  2. duffle or tote?

    I asked my outlet if they did charge sends and they said no. How many have been successful?
  3. The duffle but they are expecting more this week. Give them a call their # is 702-386-1067

  4. that's ridiculous.
    i know many people on this forum have done charge/sends? :confused1:
  5. Can you purchase over the phone from an outlet and have the item shipped to your house?
  6. Nope - you would have to pay full price.
  7. I know!
  8. That is crazy! When I worked at my outlet we had to do them if a customer asked! I would definetly call and ask to speak with the manager or assistant manager and insist that they do it.