Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote Vs. Signature Studded Gallery Tote

  1. I am having a hard time teying to decide on BLACK SIGNATURE STUDDED GALLERY TOTE or the HOLIDAY PATCHWORK GALLERY TOTE .. I like the fact that the holiday collection has its own matching wallet . Will the studded collection have its own wallet soon??

    Any input would be great thanks all...



  2. I am debating about which gallery tote to get too. I love the new signature design with the fabric lining, but the studded ones are nice too and I think the patchwork is gorgeous. I guess it would depend on what you will use the bag most for. The studded one would probably transition from day to night better than the patchwork, in my opinion.
  3. I think the studded tote. It won't go out of style as fast. They are both beautiful though.
  4. I vote studded too. You might get tired of the patchwork after a while.
  5. I vote for studded. Even though the patchwork is very in right NOW, next year it will already be "old" when a new design comes out. I just think the studded bag will stay relevant and in style longer. Also, you cant really wear the holiday in the summer whereas I think you could carry the black studded all year long since black is ALWAYS good. Good luck!
  6. I vote for the studded bag! Love it.

    Also I agree that it will be in style longer.
  7. Okay I am leaning towards the black studded now.. but what wallet would you go with??
  8. hmm thats hard since the hardware on the bag is silver and most of the wallets have gold right now. i think i would go with the bleecker sig compact clutch in black. Nothing is going to match the C's on the bag perfectly and I think that wallet goes well b/c although it has the black C's, it also has a lot of leather in it to give it more balance w/ the bag. and i love the blue on the inside! let us know what you decide!
  9. I normally am not a fan of sig, but I think the studded bag is just classic and beautiful! And I'm sure Coach will have a wallet that compliments it out soon anyway!
  10. its just weird that they didnt make one for it yet seeing they make wallets for every other bag.
  11. is this the wallet you are talking about??
  12. Out of the two, I would go for the studded tote.