holiday patchwork/easy to maintain

  1. is the holiday patchwork easy to maintain since it has suede and light signature patches?
  2. I've had problems with suede, on a summery pw bag as well as one that had suede corners. It seems to wear. I did get some apple suede cleaner and it helped a lot but the suede feels a little crunchy now. The darker suede patches seem to stay fresh looking longer so this years holiday pw may be easier to maintain.
  3. I have had trouble with my prior year Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote. It had ocelot haircalf on it, and it literally begain to rub off. It wasn't a heavy use bag, so I don't know what happened. It's actually at JAX right now for repairs and I'm awaiting the verdict.
  4. I don't know about the patchwork but I do own a suede satchel, that is currently sitting in my closet, and has been since I bought it. I used it ONCE and cut my finger on the zipper and it bled all over the suede. And nothing took it out :sad:
    So becuase the patchwork has suede, I don't think those patches will clean very easy.
  5. suede is perishable, and will eventually become blah. It's the nature of suede.
  6. Wow, sorry to hear that since I just got the Bleecker Holiday Patchwork Duffle! I didn't realize that the suede would be a prob. I am more concerned because the entire bottom is the signature fabrice and I am worried it will get dirty -- no feet for protection. But I can see that maybe the suede patches that are on the bottom and curve over to the bottom edge may wear.
    Supposedly Coach is warranted for the life of the bag, which I definitely think should be more than one season. I will return mine if I see problems.
    Always keep your receipt and original tag, etc.
  7. They sell cleaner for $10 for the signature part. Fabric WILL eventually get dirty. Also, if you see problems, they will only send it off for evaluation, not return it for you.
  8. Yes, but count your blessings the bottom isn't suede like last summer's patchwork or the '05 scarf. I barely carry them for fear of getting the LIGHT tan suede dirty :smile:)