holiday or handbags?


holiday or handbags?

  1. holiday

  2. handbags

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  1. whenever i planned on a holiday and gathered enough money, i always hesitated and choose to buy a bag :p

    which one do you choose over?
    let's just say the travel expense equals with the price of the bags you want.
    and u're single, so it's all really up to you, no SO or DH or BF or kids nagging you.
  2. Ok, if it was just me...single gal, I would choose handbags....because they last longer than a vacation...but then again, I am less than an hour away from the beach and feel I can 'get' away anytime, basically for free.

  3. ha ha ha... the beach's only like 2.5 hours from my home too and actually i spend time in my friend's house there on the beach like almost twice a week :p
  4. Hmmm, tough question but I tend to go on holiday where I can buy bags so it's all good...
  5. I voted for handbags. I really don't like to travel. This sounds odd, I know, but I prefer being in my own home with my own things and my pets. DH feels the same way.

    It's ironic you are deciding between the two. I always use the argument that since we don't take vacations, I should be able to spend the money on handbags.:smile:
  6. If it were just me, definitely a bag..
  7. ha ha ha.... yeah, u should def. show ur DH this thread :p
  8. I'd go with travel, at this point.

    I am accumulating a rather large bag collection (I think I'm going to enter a LV Mono canvas ban, in fact) but... I love to travel.

    Maybe if I didn't already have a pretty healthy bag collection I'd go for a new bag.
  9. Little vacation is always so nice!!!
  10. ^^ agreed! plus i love traveling.

    :smile: it's nice going to places you've never been before, esp. overseas kwim? not a lot of people can afford to do that.

    it actually would cost more to go to hong kong or japan for me, then a handbag would because airfare alone is about 1.2k, then you factor in the shopping you'd do there, the hotel, the food, and whatnot..

    i just might choose a handbag b/c it's cheaper!
  11. hahaha me too!
  12. Read my avatar.. :p
  13. handbag, traveling alone is no fun (for me anyways..)
    besides, i live literally walking distance from the beach..
  14. Travel. Definitely. When I am saving for a trip and tempted to spend the $, I always figure that I'm lucky to be able to travel. I look at people who wish they could travel and miss the opportunities or are never able to save for it. The memories, pictures, and experiences will last longer than a handbag will stay in your closet.
  15. as much as I love bags, I'd definitely pick a vacation over a bag!!