Holiday Ode to Balenciaga!!!

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  1. My son loves to listen to a particular holiday song from one of his favorite cartoons. I find myself singing along all the time but with different words. Just to prove how much these darn bags are on my mind, I offer my version of this quaint little song revised to show my love for Balenciaga (yes, I know I'm nuts, but indulge me;)).

    I Only Want Balenciaga This Year

    I've made my list and I've checked it twice
    With only one thing it's rather concise
    Listen closely, please lend me your ear
    I only want Balenciaga this year.

    C'mon put a smile on my festive face
    No sweater, no scarf could ever take its place
    There's only one key to my holiday cheer
    I only want Balenciaga this year.

    So don't stuff my stocking with candies of all types
    I just want my B-bag with a smell that's so nice
    With smooshy leather and bales curved on the sides
    Annually enjoyed by ladies worldwide.

    On snowy nights tucked snugly in bed
    Visions of B-bags dance in my head
    Even in sleep my one wish is clear
    I only want Balenciaga this year!!!

  2. :roflmfao: That is so cute! I'm afraid we're all going alittle crazy over these bags.:P

    But I love them so.
  3. "Hear, hear!":roflmfao:
  4. So, so cute! I loved it!
  5. That is so awesome! You are very creative!
  6. SO CUTE! :greengrin: Thank you FendiH! :flowers:
  7. you are toooooooooo cute ^_^ hahahahah
  8. How cute is that!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    how cute!
  10. Very clever! I think we all want a Balenciaga bag this year!!
  11. Hee. Gimme a Bbag any time of the year! ;)
  12. Great lil ditty:wlae: !! Wish I knew the tune.
  13. Oops. I should've added that to help sing along. That's why it is so infectious.

    Here's the link:N O G G I N: Shows: Move To The Music
    Third video on the right. Enjoy:smile:
  14. You're so cute!!
  15. OMG that was soooooo cute!!!! So refreshing to see there is still a cute and innocent world for little children, a place that's safe and free from the ever pervasive crotch shots. Thanks Fendihunter! :flowers: I really enjoyed that!