holiday MABs - colors?

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  1. Does anyone know for sure which colors from the holiday collection the regular (not luxe, not mini) MAB will be available in? I'm trying to plan my purchase but am worried the colors I'm lusting over won't even exist for the regular MAB! :shrugs:
  2. hmm not sure, prob not for a few months! if we are lucky Megs will give us a sneak peak, she usually does
  3. You mean I need to have patience?! ;) Oh, well...
  4. I did hear the Croco printed leather is only coming in black or brown and only in the MAB, MAM and Simone, but not sure if that's a late fall release or holiday.
  5. The MAB will be coming in Rose and Peacock. Those are projected to be available on Dec. 31st. I think these may be resort colors.

    The MAB is also coming in Noir/Black Croc and that is projected to be available on November 30th. I think this may be a holiday color.
  6. Ah. I had thought I'd read somewhere that Peacock would be available Nov. 31? It does make sense as a resort color, though. Especially since it looks like the tie-dye bag is trimmed in Peacock.
  7. ^ I believe some peacock bags may be available in Nov. but I believe the MAB is projected at the end of Dec. I think diff. bags in the same color can come at diff. times. For instance, I believe the navy luxe nikkis are supposed to be available at the end of this month (thank god I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER!) but the navy luxe MAB won't be available for a little while later. Hope that makes sense!!!
  8. It does make sense, but it's cruel, I tell you - cruel!
  9. Ooh noir/black croc sounds gorgeous. I will have to wait and see, but sadly I'm not sure if I can justify it when I already have a bbw mab.

  10. I'm in the same boat! I have a BBW MAB on backorder, but I'm loving the croc embossed trimming on RM's bags!
  11. angelchick: no worries, you are on the right track with the BBW MAB! Is it one with original HW or new HW? Regardless, you will :heart: it...IMO it's the classic RM bag. I got one in July and my only regret is that I got a MAM, not an MAB, because it's so fabulous! :drool:
  12. I am dying to see all the new resort bags. I'm in love with peacock and I know this is going to be a hard season on my wallet between that and the SS.