Holiday Jewelry.. what did you get?

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  1. Thanks!
  2. I got the Tiffany rose gold Knot key from DH!!! I don't have any pics yet, but when I take them, I'll post in the Tiffany thread. :smile:

  3. Beautiful earrings!!
  4. Yup...the E-ring is so classic and gorgeous!!!
  5. I look forward to seeing that!
  6. Looks beautiful on you, congrats!
  7. Here's mine. Two 22kt gold interlocking bangles.

  8. GORGEOUS. I absolutely love these. High karat gold is so incredibly rich and beautiful, and the bracelets look great on you.
  9. Thank you HauteMama! I love the color of high karat gold too.
  10. Just got a call.. my ring is ready!!!
  11. Go get it!
  12. DH ordered a DBTY necklace from our local jeweler. He ordered it Dec 22nd so I'm still waiting.
  13. Unfortunately I am working until 7pm tonight so my husband picked it up for me, which means I dont get it til I get home :sad:
  14. :popcorn:
  15. Beautiful bling ladies!!

    Well, I didn't get bling for Christmas this year but I'm not sad at all about it :biggrin: as you know, I did get a lot of bling over the course of the year (eRing, hello! And my gorgeous 'just because' morganite and diamond cocktail ring in RG :love:) and also have now sorted out micropave wedding bands thanks to the advice and help of all the tPF ladies and esp. HauteMama and etk123 :hugs:

    But there was something sort of jewellery-related under the tree for my DF...a Tag Link Calibre that he has been lusting after and that I finally picked up for him. It's perfect for him, very professional and discrete but still sporty enough for him to not feel worried wearing it :heart:

    Here's a beauty shot of the watch, artfully posed on MY Christmas present - a stunning SC slim clutch MM from LV in cobalt! I have NOT put this bag down, even when I carry another big bag the beautiful clutch is tucked away for when I want to dash out to get lunch or run an errand - it is truly perfection :girlsigh:

    LV and Tag Link.jpg
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