Holiday Jewelry.. what did you get?

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  1. #136 Jan 2, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
    This is the best picture I have taken.. we had a few issues with the store which I don't want to get into and this isn't the original ring I picked out.. but all is well now.

  2. OMG, that b-LING!! :faint:
  3. :loveeyes: I LOVE it with your set! Sorry to hear you had trouble, but it's definitely all good!!
  4. Thanks for the positivity. At first I was devastated by it ended up all good.

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  5. Your set looks stunning. :love: I didn't even notice that it isn't the same ring that you posted previous in another thread. It matches perfectly!
  6. Thank you so much. I live that I have options now!
  7. Christmas gift from my DH... My first Cartier piece! :biggrin:

  8. Gorgeous! And I love your manicure! :biggrin: :tup:
  9. Thank you! I've been wanting this ring for ages... Now I can't wait to get the love bracelet :biggrin:
  10. Here are my contributions to this thread, taken on different occasions:

    Blossom ring in 18k WG and RG, 0.29ct pave set diamonds. (The Rolex is not new though.)

    18k WG 4-prong diamond tennis bracelet, 4ct tw, D/E and VS, each stone is 0.08ct.

    Thank you for letting me share!

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  11. They are both beautiful!!!
  12. A beautiful classic!
  13. Gorgeous!!!!
  14. Very pretty! I love Boodles!
  15. Your ring is so darn cute! Do you mind sharing where you purchased from?
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