Holiday Inn Express Fifth Ave or Hotel Pennsylvania or Wellington Hotel

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  1. or da vinci hotel which one would you pick to stay in
  2. I probably would avoid Hotel Pennsylvania because from what I understand they were one of the hotels with the bed bug issue.

    They all have pretty good reviews on Tripadvisor. I would just pick whichever is closest to what you plan on doing most of.
  3. thanks coachariffic its suggestions like that i need keep them coming :tup:
  4. I'm planning a trip to NYC in August and have looked at tons of hotels including the Wellington, for that price range check out The Roosevelt Hotel. It seems a lot nicer and has great reviews on tripadvisor. Im almost positive thats where we're going to end up staying.
  5. thanks nikki213 for your suggestion i will check it out i think i know hotel your on bout cheers
  6. i have heard bad things about hotel penn. i would pick the wellington! GL
  7. <---stayed at the wellington years ago, its older, but re-furbished and is steps from central park and has the subway around the corner. Very quaint.
  8. I stayed at a Holdiay Inn Express in midtwon when i went to NYC in feb and LOVED it. Very clean and well laid out for a tiny NYC hotel.
  9. Hotel Penn has two types of rooms: old and new. The new rooms look like your every day average holiday inn room or something, nothing special. The old rooms have old fixtures, very dated.

    I stayed there once. It wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either.
  10. I think I stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania with friends while I was in college. I did not like it at all. I'd avoid that one.

    I'm going to NYC in two weeks for my best friend's graduation, and this is where we're staying:
  11. I stayed at the Wellington about five years ago. Very different hotel. Some of the rooms face inwards to a courtyard. It's kind of strange. Oh, it's also where Borat stayed.

    I just recently stayed at the Sheraton Manhattan. It's not a fantastic hotel, but it will suffice. I would check into it. I know their rates are usually pretty good.
  12. thanks everyone for your replies i think i will pick the safe option and stay at holiday inn express as i stayed there last year and had no problem i thinks its better to pay a bit more least i know its clean better safe than sorry thanks for all your suggestions
  13. turbodiva, where do you want to stay? Do you want to shop along Fifth or Madison or check out the village? Because there are nice hotels all over the city depending on where you want to stay. If you are staying longer, there are also hotels/apartments that do month long rentals. Just don't stay at the Penn since it's in a really crowded commercial area and not very nice.
  14. it will be my boyfriend first trip to new york so i want be near major attractions like times square, empire building rockfellar etc unfortunately 6 nights will be my limit as im off mallorca in two weeks for one week holiday in the sun with my boyfriend so wont be able afford more than 6 nights in new york
  15. The Holiday Inn should be fine since you'll be midtown and it will be easy for you to get around. You've been here before so you're a local ;) Have fun and if you are interested in shopping sales (don't know when you're coming) there are websites you can check to see what sample sales will be going on when you're here!