Holiday Handbag Rundown


Aug 19, 2006
With all the sales that have sprung up since after Thanksgiving, many of us have bought and returned and bought and returned bags from Chloé and other designers and continue to do so as sales progress. The question is, what is your Holiday Handbag Rundown? That is, what did you get, returned and eventually kept? Let me start:

From Aloha Rag
* Chloé Edith Shopper in Ivoire (final sale, non-returnable so it stays with me)

From Neiman Marcus
* Chloé Patsy Wallet in Brown - keeping!
* Chloé Edith in Muscade - keeping but Sister-In-Law wants to wrangle it from me
* Chloé Tracy in solid colour Whiskey Medium - NM sent me a MiuMiu bag instead! The MiuMiu was returned, and I changed my mind on the Medium Tracy:hysteric:
* Chloé Large Tracy in solid colour Chocolate - this was an alternative to the one I got from Nordstrom in case Nordies won't price match. Nordies won't match, so this bag is a KEEPER.

From Bergdorf Goodman
* Chloé Edith Shopper in Dark Brown - they sent an Ivory one instead! So it went back to the warehouse.

* Chloé Paddington in Muscade with Shoulder Straps - was a great deal for $629 but the zippers were stuck and wouldn't open all the way. Went back to the warehouse.
* Chloé Tracy in Whiskey/Taupe - straps too short and inside too narrow for my needs. Offloading.

* Chloé Large Tracy in solid colour chocolate - identical to the one from NM, only it's at full price of $1,660.00 and they refuse to do a price match so this baby is going back. :cursing:

* Chloé Large Zippy Paddington in Gris-Vert - DEFINITELY KEEPING!

Printemps in Paris
* Chloé Small Paddington wallet in Bleu Nuit - Keeping

So I guess 4 (possibly 3) bags and 2 wallets out of 10 is not bad. No other name brand for me this December, it was Chloé all the way:love:.

What about you?
Dec 11, 2006
Here's mine :smile:
Bought 1st Chloe bag ever at the AR sale--large gray pocket silverado hobo. Right after I bought it I found the black silverado hobo shoulder bag at Nordstrom at full price and fell in LOVE.

1 week later hobo shoulder bag went on sale at Nordstrom for 40% off--I had to have it. The gray hobo just wasn't doing it for me so I sold it on ebay.

Bought the large choclolate patent Betty at the Grette Lux sale for 40% off.

Bought the Edith in tobacco at NAP--beautiful bag but a little too small for me. It went back.

Bought the muscade silverado hobo shoulder bag at Nordstrom with NM price match--just arrived today. Will probably go back as I also bought today the large buckle paddington tote in gris from Chloe Bahrain. the end of the day I will have:
black hobo silverado shoulder bag
Lg brown patent betty
Lg buckle paddington in gris

3 amazing bags--each very different and beautiful.....Lots of work though to get there :smile:


Jul 30, 2006
Oooh, fun! First off, I have to say that November/December was an unusually active time for me. Never before have I got so many bags in such a short period of time.

1. Chloe edith in Jade from NM sale. I think it's going back, or hopefully I can swap it for something else, as it's a bit too small for me. I like the larger style.
2. My first Balenciaga, which I got for a swap with the greatest PF'er. We're both very happy with our swaps, so this was a highlight! :heart:
3. A mini paddy in anthracite that I snagged on ebay a couple of days before Xmas for a steal, from a seller I knew and trusted... I was planning to resell it, but it's so darn cute I am keeping it. I never in a million years would have thought I'd want to keep such a little bag, but I LOVE it and wore it on New year's Eve.
4. My amazing husband chose a Marc Jacobs striping satchel for me for Christmas. A definite keeper! (the bag and my husband!) :heart:


Aug 19, 2006
Yves, like KMSNYC, this December has been UNUSUALLY ACTIVE for bag purchases. The last time I made purchases this big was when I was in Paris in July for the sale but even then I only bought Lanvin and Mulberry for 72% off, everything else I got were no name cheaper brands but equally beautiful and sturdy. I've made it a point to keep receipts and remember when/where they were bought in case I decide to sell them in the future, I will be ready to provide the buyer with it. But for purchases this month... hoooo boy... my husband just turns a blind eye!!!

What about the rest of you? How does your rundown look like?


Feb 14, 2006
hmmm, i was dreading this list but actually it's not as bad as i feared, and this was definitely the craziest handbag season for me as well (mostly due to this site)!

chocolate patent chain strap betty (bg)
tan paddington (nap)

black patent chain strap betty, larger size (kirna zabete)
dark grey chain strap betty, smaller size (intermix)

plus also keeping a chocolate lanvin & black henry beguelin

i hope i haven't forgotten any...



Jun 28, 2006
I got all of these from SAKS. I couldn't help myself.


Patent Betty (Dark Burgundy/Chocolate) Keeping this.

Taupe Silverado, Large whiskey? edith, maroon/wine paddington hobo {haven't seen these gals yet so I don't know if I am keeping or returning}

MJ Putty calf tote. Haven't made up my mind yet.

Brown Gucci Amalfi satchel.

Prada lace up platform booties

Jimmy choo studded stilletos

What's sad is that I am still looking for sales. I'm pathetic aren't I.


Oct 23, 2006
Personally I think gris-vert is to die for, and so much different from red that you would get lots of wear from both! (sorry for being a bad influence:P)

When I bought the rouge I was very torned between gris-vert and rouge. At that time I wasn't sure about the exact colour, but afterwards I read a post saying that is was like mousse only just with some different colouring in stiching and trim. And I looovveee mousse!

And yes it would be very different from the red.
Also I don't have any paddys with silver hardware so I'm kinda trying to used that as an excuse for yet another paddy-purchase:shame:
Dec 11, 2006
Just added another one to my earlier list of 3 :happydance:
1. Black silverado buffalo hobo bag
2. Large chocolate patent betty bag
3. Mousse paddington large front pocket buckle bag
4. Large paddington anthracite tote

I have to STOP!!!!! :nuts:
May 31, 2006
I really need to stop!

1. Deep Bourdeaux Chain Betty Hobo 30% off Keeping
2. Brown Ollie 60% off Keeping
3. Mousse New Tote Paddington 60% off Keeping
4. Tracy in Grey/Black - 50% off Returning
5. Edith Double Pocket Shoulder Strap Gris Vert 60% off Keeping