Holiday Gifts for SO/BF !


Sep 19, 2006
Manhattan Beach
Argh.. its that time of year again, where we have to go shopping for our SOs/Husbands/Bfs, for the holidays.

So what is everyone getting?

*as you can tell I'm trying to get some ideas*


Sep 22, 2006
I'm completely out of ideas for my bf... he's got everything already! I've given him so many watches and wallets... he's got enough belts, & cologne for each day of the week...

Last year I gave him a set of Ralph Lauren bathroom towels with his name embroidered on them...

I have no ideas left for this year...


kry5tal...get it?!:]
Jan 3, 2006
My boyfriend is really into games (What a dork, I know!) so I got him a Nintendo DS Lite + 3 games and I'm going to get him a gaming chair so we can sit comfortable when he is playing with the game consoles with the tv. I'm hoping to get him a Wii also but I don't think I'll be able to get it. I also got him Burberry cologne as a stocking stuffer.

Our anniversary & his bday is around the same time as Xmas too. So for I'm going to get him a new bed set, like sheets, comforter, etc. It's like a gift for the both of us, lol! And what else...I have no clue yet.
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and got my DH the Bose quiet comfort headphones for when he travels. Although he won't be able to use them all the time, when he does use them, I know he will appreciate them!!!


Apr 20, 2006
Trying to decide between a jacket, because he doesn't have a casual one, or an lv wallet...he keeps complaining the one he has is falling apart...

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Dec 20, 2005
island in the sun
i got mine an idog to hook up his ipod too.. and LV sunglasses hes been pining over.. hahah the glasses set me back so hes done.. teehee


Aug 21, 2006
I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and got my DH the Bose quiet comfort headphones for when he travels. Although he won't be able to use them all the time, when he does use them, I know he will appreciate them!!!
My DH has mentioned those several times since he's on a plane 40 weeks out of the year he says there in the Skymall Catalog- Duh- bring one home why don't yah!! Where did you find them?:flowers:


Apr 14, 2006
i'm stumped, i wanted to get him a pair of chrome hearts sunglasses he'd been wanting but when we went to try them on he claimed they were too big. i'm not sure if he actually thought they were too big or if he thought i would be spending too much on him. so now i'm clueless as what to get a guy who buys everything he wants.


I'm thinking Nintendo game and a fun gift on top of that. We decided that we're going to do small Christmas gifts because I got him something relatively expensive for his bday awhile back and my bday is right before Christmas :nuts:


Nov 1, 2006
He isn't really into games, sunglasses or fancy goods. He never shops for himself, so he's going to get a pair of Nikes and some corduroy pants for the winter!


Oct 22, 2006
Well or course it all depends on your budget and your BF/ SO interests. I am a very &#8220;practical&#8221; person so I figure if people are going to buy me gifts I like them to be some thing that I can really use or need. LOVE TOOLS, but not junk, has to be very specific makes and models, so my wife has to be very stealthy in looking around my office or asking people I work with what I need. Examples I have been very happy with over the years: A pair of my favorite work boots, special measuring equipment for my machine shop, A Gift to Skip Barber Racing School for my brother and I. (what guy would not love that one!!LOL) MP3 Player, Scanner for my PC, High Quality Long Johns (the kind REAL outdoors people use) they are very thin, light weight, and very toasty. Engineering Books, XBOX + games, (big gamer) specialized software, I think that makes the point about me at least.

1) Xbox 360 + games if they are gamers even they are not, they may find a new hobby or addiction) Also you have to play &#8220;live&#8221; or online against real people and friends from all over to REALLY get all the system can offer. I don&#8217;t play, unless it is online against friends.

2) Sony PS3, don&#8217;t bother, (unless you already had one reserved, jealous) way to expensive, and most importantly, NO good games, YET! Mid 2007 should see great titles for PS3. IMO

3) An Experience gift. I find these to be some of the best gifts to give and receive. As I said, I was given racing lessons at Skip Barber (like I need them LOL) however, I am an amateur racer, so it was very practical and tons of fun!! My Grandmother gave our entire immediate family Broadway show tickets for the same night all together. It was a great time, it forced our entire family to get away from our busy lives, have some great NYC food, and entertainment. We spent the whole day in the city about 15 of us, and it was wonderful. We also did a cruise in the same gift fashion, but that was a surprise. We got my Grandparents 2 tickets for a cruise, however unknown to them, we all also had tickets. We managed to board without them noticing us and surprised them at dinner and enjoyed the rest of the cruise together. Memories of a life time!!

I have to run to pick up more purse parts from powder coater, but I will jump back in on this with more stuff. Gifts are super cool!!!