holiday gifts <$50 <$100 ?

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  1. Any suggestions for holiday gifts that aren't expensive but definitely have the sort of cool factor or are coveted? Under $50? Under $100?

    I'm looking to buy presents (not cash) for certain service industry people that I see all the time, ie this one woman who works in the dining hall or a particular shuttle bus driver who is sweet to me. Also gifts for SAs. Maybe my professor.

    I don't want to give anything "too personal" because I don't know them that well. Something that's still professional yet interesting.

    I thought about different brands of chocolate: Vosges, Fauchon, la maison du chocolat.... But is there something other than chocolate?

    Thank you! :flowers:

    (Not quite sure why my grammar is horrible in this post, I apologize.)
  2. Ooh-I have similiar questions. more so, what to get for the 4 counselors at my son's after school program. I would rather not give them money. 2 women, 2 men. Thanks!
  3. I will be giving Bliss pedicure gift sets (on Sephora for $38) to my stylist, condo manager, personal shopper, etc. I bought 10 of them when ****** did their double discount on Sephora and I think it's a gift that most women would like....

    I just hope they like them;)
  4. I actually prefer to give gift cards..that way they can get whatever they want!
    Teachers..I give Barnes and Noble GC
    School Bus Drivers-CASH
  5. What kind of candy do you give? What is the limit for gifts? (I know there are restrictions for mailmen....) Thanks.
  6. I got a nice wool/polyester blend burberry scarf for a prof. It was under $100 and very cute. I think small practical accessories are ok.
  7. Personalized stationary or notepads...LOVE (I got this for my kick boxing instructor and other friends that are new friends. People LOVE it!
  8. How about certificates for pedicures/manicures? I love getting my nails done and don't always have the extra cash to.
  9. I think the Philosophy gift sets that they have out for the holidays are a fun gift.

    For a professor, a nice bottle of wine if they drink & professors always appreciate new books/gift certificates to book stores.

    Moonstruck chocolate has fabulous chocolates Moonstruck Fine Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Gifts
  10. If you're tapped for ideas, a good scotch or port is sure to be appreciated. When I go on vacation, I always bring a few bottles of Canadian ice wine to give out.

    It's more personal, but a good shaving kit might be appreciated:

  11. I really like the gifts that I've gotten from Red Envelope and Restoration Hardware. I've gotten my boss reallly unique and different gifts from there.

    I also like to give stationary, candles, lotion sets,
  12. Sonya, would this be suitable for a professor?

    Etsy :: Fissiped Mug

    JoyOUZ's booklaces are unique:
    Etsy :: Etsy Booklace Book Necklace


    She also does personalised calligraphy bookmarks:
    Etsy :: Personalized Calligraphy Bookmark2 - Original Art - One of a Kind


    It's so difficult to buy jewelry as gifts but IMHO these pendants are cool:

    Etsy :: Glass Tree of Life Necklace

    Etsy :: Stained Glass Winter Gold Finch by KShanks


    How about this for one of the SAs?
    1donnamarie makes gorgeous stuff:
    Etsy :: Slice of Cake Pin Cusion made from Authentic Vintage Chenille Bedspread Fabric trinket box


    This soap is cute:

    Etsy :: Reusable Deluxe Bento Box Sushi and Mini Onigiri Soap-Assorted Fragrances-Energy, Dragons Blood, Yuzu, and Green Tea

  13. Passerby: That booklace is a fabulous idea. I have to get something for one of my professors that wrote my letters of recommendation, and that is perfect! I'm not the OP, but that is a fantastic idea. Thank you!