Holiday Gift ideas for my BFs mom?

  1. Hi ladies,

    So I'm having trouble finding a gift for my Bf's mom since she pretty much owns like everything!!! I was thinking of getting her a cashmere sweater or cardigan from jcrew or banana republic, but last time I went to dinner with her/my bf she was wearing the one I was considering! Then I went to Anthropologie and found this adorable blue knit sweater on sale for $50 and bought it for her, but I remembered after the fact that she doesn't like any sweaters that are even slightly itchy. Anyway, at this point my thoughts are a gift certificate for a spa or sephora. Any ideas?

  2. Maybe a pretty serving-piece from Crate&Barrell or Williams-Sonoma? I bought my bf's stepmother a beautiful ceramic platter from W-S the first Christmas we were together and she loves it to this day. His dad and step-mom entertain a lot so they are always appreciative of gifts of this nature.
  3. You should go to the spa together! That would be a great present and you get some great bonding time.
  4. maybe a scarf, designer or cashmere. i say somehting that doesn't have to be her size.
  5. I got her tea last year but I need to come up with something different this year!
  6. I have gotten mine several gifts from Illuminations - the napa valley harvest scent is amazing.

    I like the spa idea - or a nice manicure/pedicure gift card to her favorite salon?
  7. I would do a home made gift basket with a bunch of things.
    I love giftbaskets. If the kids sig others were to get me anything
    I'd love a giftbasket. I kind of like to pick my own sweaters & such.
    And if I didn't like it I'd feel obligated to wear it which would be just aweful.
  8. I know what you mean and how you feel! My BFs mom is definately the HARDEST person to shop for! She has everything, doesn't need or care to have anything...ahh. Well, last year I took his parents and siblings to Medieval Times. Everybody enjoyed it, and it wasn't that costly either. GOOD LUCK!
  9. Here's some things I can never get enough of or never seem to have enough of even if I seemingly have everything.....some of them may be typical but always useful.

    Make up brushes
    Nail polish & manicure/pedi supplies
    gift cards - LOVE Sephora
    good hair products
    funky socks - but I like socks w/designs
    Bath supplies
    Yummy smelling candles
    Earrings, but I have an earring thing......
    Writing pads & good pens seem to disappear into a blackhole
    Good coffee/tea
    Picture frames & pictures
  10. A beautiful frame with a picture of her and your boyfriend in the picture. Does your boyfriend have photos of him growing up and can you find a special picture of just the two of them, even if it is a baby picture. Get the picture enlarged and find a really pretty frame. It would bring back some memories and I think would be a great gift. There is no way she can hate it................
  11. Because she has everything, I would take her out to a nice brunch or Afternoon tea at a nice hotel.
  12. oh wow! great ideas!! Love the basket idea and the picture frame. tPFers are the best!! Will let you know/post when I get the gift