Holiday Exchange?

  1. I just came back from LV and fell in love with the Berkeley. I purchased the Trevi Nov. 21st. Is it too late to exchange it? I know they have a certain holiday exchage policy. Anyone know?
  2. You can call 866 to get the exact dates of the holiday return period. However, the Trevi is a new and popular bag, so if it is un-used and in perfect condition the store most likely will make an execption (if you are over the limit) and take the bag back. This policy (accepting returns after the date) varies from store to store, but if you call and speak with somebody at 866 or a manager in your local store I think you will be fine.
  3. you can exchange items bought from Nov 1st until Jan 31st, if you want full refund, you'll need to return by Jan 7th
  4. Thank you...thats just what I wanted to hear!!
  5. Oh why are you returning the Trevi?

    It's beautiful and I am waiting for my SA to call me up for it! :love::drool: