Holiday Drama

  1. Hello all! I am new to this forum and want to share a bit of holiday drama.

    I reside in PA, CA, WA and CO (depending on weather/time of the year)

    Here is my story:

    My girlfriend and I always exchange gifts before Christmas for a variety of reasons - we are both not in the same state during the holiday, and we might not see each other before the new year.

    I went to the LV store and found the Chain Pouchette Limited Edition. It was very nice and I purchased it outright. Me being the curious "george" that I am - went online to research the bag a bit and found out that low and behold the salesperson failed to let me know about the Mini Linda Chain bag. I bought it immediately from E-Luxury and returned the smaller pouchette the next day.

    While online at the E-Luxury website I found the Versace Monogram Metallic Bag and also bought it immediately because I knew that she would fall in love with the bag.

    A few days pass and I am traveling across the country amidst the crazy holiday schedule. I recieve a message saying that E-Luxury contacted me on Monday to verify some shipping/billing info. Calling them immediately to clear up any confusion and they CANCELLED MY ORDER!!! I was furious! (it was only wednesday). I was able to re-order the Louis Vuitton bag but the Versace was now long gone. I couldn't believe it! I'm in Seattle now and of course we have no Versace Store nor one in Denver.

    I've a friend in Dallas who is willing to go to the Versace store for me and see what is available.

    A question:

    The salesperson on the phone in Dallas told me about a Limited Edition Versace Bag that is White with Gold and it has not shipped yet. They will recieve it before Christmas but they don't have any pictures of the bag yet and I was hoping that one of you would have some insight into this bag?

    A bit about her: She loves over the top and Gold!

    I really appreciate your help and apologize for the long, enduring, rant.