Holiday Delivery Rant!

  1. Ok...I am beginning to think I'm jinxed..and not meant to get my louis vuitton stuff..I've so waited to buy. I'm really frustrated with all delivery service.

    For the third time within a week, my packages have been delivered to the wrong address!!!!! Each by a different carrier...USPS..UPS..and NOW FED EX.

    I've been sitting here today..patiently waiting for the Fex Ex truck to come and drop of my E-Luxury order...and about a 1/2 hr ago..I see the damn thing go zooming by my house! Because I've had 2 other delivery's go to the wrong address, I immediately went to Elux to track the order..and big suprise...IT SAYS "DELIVERED".

    DAMN go to the fex ex website, type in the tracking number..and yep..says "delivered...left at the door". So.....NOW I'm FUMMING...I get into my car, drive around the neighborhood..looking like a damn fool, going up to houses that have boxes outside..and flipping them over to read the address. NONE OF THEM say ME!

    So....I just called eluxury..and told them the story. They put me on hold and call Fed ex directly. Now..Fex Ex has to call our local office, who in turn will call the tell him to go where he left the package..get it and bring it to me...I'm afraid he's not even going to remember where the hell he's been.

    I'm just really frustrated. 3 out 3 packages..getting delivered to the wrong address within 1 week...all addressed correctly..but because everyone is in such a gets done incorrectly. I know its the holiday's and all...but these odds stink!

    I WANT MY NEW LOUIE STUFF!!!:crybaby::sad::cursing: ** I NEED A DRINK**
  2. OMG!!! How horrible!! Can't they read?!!! LOL So far, I've had good luck with all my deliveries this holiday....I still have some coming. I'm hoping for the best! Good luck!!
  3. do you feel a bit better now? poor you, that must be infuriating!!! i woulda run outta the house and chased him down :biguns:
    by the way, cheers! :drinks:
  4. Ugh...I hope they find your package!
  5. Actually..I do feel abit better..although I still want to just strangle the guy:boxing:. I'll feel really good if he'd just get his little arsh back, get the damn package..and bring it to me...oh..I'm getting hot again.:girlsigh: He's probably sitting at the McDonalds down the road eating some lunch...thinking..."I'll get there when I damn feel like it"

    Thanks for the cheers by the way. If it wasn't 12N..I'd actually seriously think about whipping me up a nice cold margarita.
  6. Brutal!! I hope you get it soon.
  7. Is it over $500.00 - I thought that for all eluxury orders over 500 they MUST be signed for. My usual delivery man will not leave any eluxury pkgs that require the signature - even though he leaves all other pkgs from other companies w/o a signature. Did someone else sign for a package they didn't order? Shame on them -
  8. OMG. I am so sorry this has happened to you. There is nothing like getting your packages delivered to someone other than you.
  9. This kind of stuff is seriously bad for a business to do! Have you figured out why on Earth your stuff keeps going elsewhere?:search:
  10. Yikes, I'm sorry for all your troubles ... I'd be totally pissed too! Unfortunately all the carriers are so busy that they are having untrained part timers do a lot of delivering ... hope all works out for you, and just think, a few more hours and you can have that nice cold margarita! Or heck, have it now!!! It is night time somewhere!
  11. No..other than incompetent workers? I've never had a problem with delivery services up until really the few months(and that was mainly USPS)..and its been really bad this week.

    Our mail lady doesn't even get around to our neighborhood until after dark(this is even before the holidays) was 8:30 PM the other night and she's out delivering mail. An hour later..the door bell rings..its someone from the neighborhood..she dropped our package at their house?!

    She scares me. She's got mail blowing out of her little truck..then she goes chasing after it..who knows how much gets away from her. I had my Mom here staying with me during the summer..and had all her mail forwarded to my address during that time. After she went home, we filled out the forms to have it go back to her address...and guess what..she got her mail..and she got mine too! And our last names aren't even the same! This went on for quite awhile until finally I went to the postoffice and told them to pull the mail forward slip out of my box..because now they were forwarding everyones mail. They just looked at me like "and....what's your problem".

    and as for today...that FedEx truck was going so damn fast when it went by my house...that is why I happend to look out the window..I could hear the engine. I'm just really frustrated right now. Ya wait and wait and get all excited..and then someone goes and pee's on your parade. Humph...:sad:
  12. what the heck!?!?! that's right up there w/ the FedEx guy delivering my iPod to the neighbor because no one was home. ugh! thank goodness the neighbor isn't creepy and is an honest guy otherwise i wouldn't have my iPod.

    i hope that you get your delivery soon! and when the FedEx guy delivers your shipment, give him a snarky look just for fun. :smile:
  13. oh no....that's horrible! i hope the fed ex guy gets to give back your elux package! why don't you make a sign for the fed ex guy the next time?! LOL :p
  14. I was in tears of laughter picturing this!!!LOL

    That really sucks!
    It's not too early for a drink after what you have to go through!
    I do hope that your item gets delivered today!!:love:
  15. It is comical to watch...any more I just sit in the house and pray it isn't my mail she's trying to catch. I've discussed with the postmaster a few times just because people should be able to trust they are getting their mail..and not that its sitting in some mud hole..or a someone elses yard.. he's not much better. He just looks at me with this confused face..and says.."I'll talk to her".

    Things are not looking good:nogood:...its going on 3 hrs..and still no white truck with FEDEX on the side of it. I feel like I can't even go anywhere..cause I want to be here if he does show up. And if I do have a few cocktails..who knows what RANT's:hysteric: gonna come at him...he better be scared!:sweatdrop: LOL;)