Holiday Decorations

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  1. I saw the thread about posting a photo of your Christmas tree and thought it was brilliant. I plan to post mine later this evening or tomorrow because....

    Its 71 degrees and very sunny outside here in L.A.
    I cannot seem to get into the Christmas spirit, still feels like summer!
    I have all my decorations out and ready to put up but can't get motivated.
    Thought of putting on Christmas music to get me "in the mood" but I am in my shorts, flip flops and a tank top and singing about the weather being "frightful" outside just isn't cutting it for me.
    I then considered maybe baking some cookies but the oven would just heat up the house!

    I need help getting into the Christmas mood. My dog and cat are not happy with all the boxes of decorations sitting in the hallway.
  2. I am with you, I have to admit. It is about 73 here, yuck. When we got our tree yesterday all the people there were in flip flops and shorts. Maybe you could turn on the AC and shut the window coverings and fake it?
  3. I am overly in the spirit- it is in the 30's here (20's at night) and Vlad and I went to look at decorations and listen to carols!!!! Made me sooo happy!!!
  4. I think I'm going to need a photo.....:lol: I may just have to wait till tonight cause at night it does get pretty chilly now - 54 degrees!!! brrrrrrr!!!!:beach:
  5. It was 83 degrees today here in Florida. We picked out a Christmas tree at Home Depot, and drove home with it in the back of the Explorer, listening to a radio station that plays nothing but Christmas carols the entire month of December. That's Christmas in Florida for you :P

    We're not putting up outdoor holiday decorations this year. Kinda in a humbug mood :rolleyes:
  6. It's actually cooler here in Houston for a change. It's been about 50 or below! YEAH!! It does help get you in the mood as I can finally drink hot chocolate now and I LOVE THAT!

    Also, my son's cub scouts den went Christmas Caroling at nursing homes today and that also helped! It was sweet to see them! I have been listening to Christmas Carols on this radio station here that plays them all day long to get into the mood as well. I also always light up the fireplace and play Christmas music while I am decorating the tree and house!