Food Holiday Decadence - Do You Have A Favorite Dish Or Desert?


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Oct 4, 2006
Hmmm...this is the time of the year to break out the big guns - make something for your family or friends that you usually don't make any other time of the year.
My friend brought over (albeit it was a bit too rich for me) a chocolate caramel drizzled butter fudge cake thing. OMG - I could feel the blood sugars shooting through the roof. I ended up divving it up to some of the folks at my kids' schools because they WERE good, but my gosh - I couldn't have a 15 pound chocolate fudge caramel wonder sitting on my sink for the next two weeks...nibbling every time you walked know how it goes...

Does anyone have a special something they like to make during this time of year be it a regular meal or a special desert? :shame:


Jun 18, 2007
I love my mom's holiday cookies! For the other 11 months out of the year I'm pretty indifferent towards cookies, but holiday cookies are another story! I turn into a total cookie monster! :P

I also like to make baked french toast every year on Christmas Day. It's so unhealthy, but it's so good!!!

holly di

Oct 5, 2006
I LOVE my mom's dressing!!! I have been known to eat only dressing and nothing else. When you only get it twice a year you gotta go all out!!

As far as sweets go anything with sugar!! I love homemade sugar cookies, and a glass of milk!


Jul 19, 2006
Jchiara - could you please tell me a bit more about the cornish game hen with wallnuts? (Unless it's a well-kept family secret, of course!) Sounds too good! :drool: I'm mad about game + wild mushrooms + nuts.

We usually have white fish for Christmas Eve, then venison in rich spicy sauce on Christmas day - the standard cake is 'kugelhupf', cookies are 'lebkuchen' (sort of gingerbread cookies w. honey & spice - if I'm not too lazy) + some other bits & bobs...

edit: I forgot about chestnut purée!! (If I'm lucky enough to get chestnuts in Ireland...) That's the BEST THING EVER.