Holiday Collection?????

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  1. I love all the new spring stuff:love: but I'm not quite ready for it. What about the Holiday collection? any Pics?TIA
  2. ahh thats what i'm waiting for too... i read somewhere that the SA's are saying the holiday collection is TDF, can't wait to see!
  3. I can't wait to see either.
  4. Red sequins...I want more red sequins!
  5. Yes, by all means Coach, please keep us in a buying frenzy and release some new stuff for the Holidays!
  6. And hopefully there will be a nice PCE around that time too. :smile: But I am interested to see. I'm hoping for some red bags!!!!
  7. exactly my thoughts! where is the winter x-mas stuff??
  8. yeah seriously...spring preview already and holiday just got skipped right over?! hopefully Vlad and Megs will be able to find something out(they emailed someone to get some info after being at the spring thing-what they said in the preview thread) so we'll see! I would think some of it might be coming out pretty soon too with the way retail seems to start the holiday madness so early anymore
  9. I'm ready for the holiday collection too!!
  10. Im thinking a whole lot of sparkle and a little fur (faux of course) would be quite nice!
  11. I was in my boutique on Monday and the SA certainly was hinting about a holiday come that hasn't been previewed yet but the spring line has???? Cannot wait to see what Coach has in store for us!
  12. I cannot wait to see the winter/holiday stuff!
  13. I cant wait to see! I hope someone posts the holiday stuff SOON! :smile:
  14. Me 2!
  15. ITA, I want to see the holiday stuff, too. But first I need to stop drooling over the lovely spring bags ... :P