Holiday collection 2008 in Thailand

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  1. First, i am sorry that there is no real picture. So, I did explain by below attach file....hope u guys can imagine how is it....I went to bal store yesterday and found the holiday collection. They are not floral pattern..just plain suede with leather and i saw only city, brief, work and part time with giant hardware. About the colors, i saw only 3 shades which are black suede with white leather, grey suede with white leather and light brown suede with dark brown leather...personally, i love black & white's so stylish :tup:
  2. oh , i know what u r talking abt , i saw it too.
    at first i asked them is that 2008 new collection but they say NO
    it 2007 collection...
  3. they said its holiday collection
  4. u like it?
  5. Hopefully it will be in the US soon, interested in seeing what it looks like IRL. Thanks for the info auey82.
  6. not so much a fan.
  7. it ok looking/ quite classic , but i dont like the bag material... hehe
    u plan to buy?
  8. I saw it in the Sg boutique, but didn't pay much notice because i heard its suede, so i figured it'll be high maintenance! So i passed.
  9. not for me
  10. i think its gorgeous..but as u guys know it doesnt hold for value
  11. huh? suede??? oh, i don't think i'll be a fan...
  12. That's not my style. :s

    But thanks for your updating.
  13. I have to see IRl but i'm quite sure it'll be my style
  14. Its gorgeous! It will be at Barneys soonnnn.
  15. thanks for sharing this. what a bright fun bag.