Holiday collection '13

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  1. Saw these in bal store in Bangkok today. Looks like they are for this year holiday collection. The covered studs are pretty neat but I'm little disappointed that they don't have Hamilton...

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  2. Wow. Those colours are just awful ..
  3. I like how the mini Twiggy looks.. it'd look great with gold hardware though
  4. ohh mannn!! I've been waiting for hamilton and matte goldware for so long!! I'm a bit disappointed.
  5. Agreed! Those colors are awful!
  6. The holiday collection is available on mytheresa.

    The colors are okay but the hardware looks cheap. The previous holiday collections looked more luxurious and elegant than this collection. :nogood:
  7. I'm really liking the bowling bag, and it looks like it can be worn cross-body.

    Anyone know the size? I don't see it mentioned anywhere on mytheresa.

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  8. This is the line that has the rubber studs .. it's HORRIFIC!!! I thought it was supposed to be Chevre, not Agneau. :tdown::nogood::throwup::wtf:
  9. #9 Nov 13, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
    Are we sure they're rubber? Has anyone seen/felt them in person to confirm?
  10. Yes, *CleverCat* saw them .. it's in the CeeJay's "take" on the 2013 Colors thread.
  11. interesting facts: they are chevre... at least from the the details on their official website..
  12. EEEeek not a huge fan of the colors. and if the studs are rubber, that's even worse
  13. Saw them at Bal London, not a fan
  14. Yes, on Bal's website, it says chevre. But my SA said it is agneau.
  15. The *rubber* studs look horrible unfortunately. I was really hoping for Balenciaga to release as part of their holiday collection. But I guess I can only HOPE for now =(