Holiday Catalog

  1. Anyone else received the LV holiday catalog? It has a padlock on the cover. Contains mahina xl, marina gm, suhali lockits (new colors), tivoli pm, palermo gm, and MORE. I have been drooling over this baby for a good hour. I want to buy everything in the catalog! Oddly enough, it came with a price list and its hawaii prices too!
  2. Do you mind post some pics of the catalog,pls????? I want to see those pics especially tivoli pm....
    Btw, how much is the published price for tivoli???? TQ.
  3. Haven't gotten one yet. Agree with Sally, can you scan and post pics pls? I would love to see the Suhali Lockits.
  4. Yes, they are available in the boutiques.
    It really is a nice layout of the newer stuff, more things, less modeling !!
    If my scanner was decent I would scan it for
  5. The catalog is sent out to CERTAIN customers, some have an invite in them to the store's christmas party.
  6. i don't have a scanner so the best i can do is take pics with my digital camera. i hope that'll be ok. :smile: i'll do it as soon as i get home from work today.

    sally_s: the prices quoted on the sheet i believe are hawaii's prices. the tivoli pm is listed at $840
  7. Tq caley!!! Cant wait to sneek peek the catalog :drool:
  8. ooh can't wait to see pics of the catalog! sounds delicious! heehee
  9. I love it!! Especially the ivoire epi page!!!!!!!
    1114epi.jpg 1114sp.jpg 1114ag.jpg 1117c1.jpg 1117c2.jpg
  10. mine yesterday.. something to keep and use as a reference..ehhehe
  11. Oooh that epi wallet looks gorgeous, it would totally go with my epi montaigne clutch!!!
  12. I got mine a few days ago. It contained an invite to a "private cocktail event" which I did not even notice till I re-examined it after reading this thread. I was really shocked to find it, since I don't consider myself to be one of their "most valued customers". I owe my newfound status to the enabling powers of this board, I'm sure....... ;)
  13. the speedy page is cutee :]
  14. you're lucky to have that invitation.. where do you see the invite?? What does it look like? I'm hoping I'd get one too.. but I don't seem to notice it:lol: I'm not sure whether Hawaii has a cocktail event too... Where are you located?
  15. Oh, how cool- thank you for posting the pics!