Holiday Best Wishes with a Balenciaga Wreath

  1. Happy Holidays, everyone :flowers:

  2. the pic doesn't work for me : (
  3. Hi Girlie, Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday to you but no pics.
  4. Hi there happy holidays as well and even more a​

    :yahoo:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :yahoo:

    As posted in the General thread

    (no pics showing ...)​
  5. Happy bday ! Watcha get ?? more bbags ? :graucho:
  6. No pic for me either but what's important is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  7. Sorry, ladies. I can see the pic and thought everyone else could also. Here it is as an attachment.
    abbag 050.jpg
  8. Ohhhh wow! Beautiful!!
  9. OMG!!!!!!!! That is brilliant and beautiful and completely drool-worthy. Thanks and happy holidays to you, Deco!!!!
  10. That is so clever and a wonderful depiction of all the colors - very artistic. Thanks for sharing.
  11. ^^
    OMG! Love it! What a cute idea... and of course you have all the colours of the rainbow to do it!

    Happy holidays and happy birthday deco!
  12. Great Picture!!! Happy Holidays and Happy B-Day Deco!!
  13. ~sigh~

  14. Man - you, Deana and Catcat are just putting the rest of us point-and-shooters to shame!
    Happy holidays to you and all your 19(?) pine needles!
    And happy birthday too :heart: Do you have a Balenciaga-shaped cake? :graucho: there better be a picture of it!