Holiday bags/cruise line at BalNY - Pics

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  1. Hi every one
    Sweet Kim sent me these pics yesterday and i thought some one of you might be interested in the holiday collection. :graucho:They are suede w/leather trimming and Pewter hardware. They are the same price as the arena giant hardware bags. If you are interested please call Kim. Enjoy the pics.:heart:
    holidaybriefs2[1].jpg (3).jpg holidaybriefs[1].jpg (3).jpg holidaycities[1].jpg (3).jpg holidayworks2[1].jpg (3).jpg holidayworks[1].jpg (3).jpg
  2. thanks "L"! so they're doing the gunmetal hardware now? is that a new grey?
  3. Thanks for posting!!:tup:

    Interesting, but me no likey. And my bank account likes it that way:p
  4. I like the white and grey one, thanks so much for posting these pictures :tup:
  5. they're pretty
    they look at little like a cartoon character version - you know what I mean? cute little faces:p
  6. Thanks for the pics!
    I actually love the White/grey and Black/white combo Work!
    But i think suede is too high maintenance.
  7. I am not sure but i think it the pewter is just for the holiday bags. I love the Gray too.
  8. I LOVE that brown and grey combo! But as much as I like it, I think I'll still hold out for '08.
  9. I'm not terribly into the suede with leather trimming thing, but oh boy, I want that gray in a full on city!
  10. i saw the grey and white brief at the printemps balenciaga shop in paris, it was beautiful, the grey leather was stunning but suede isn't easy to talk care of. i just sold a my ysl suede mombasa because i'm afraid of wearing it. too fragile especially for someone who takes the metro and who lives in the city of rain.
  11. I really like this combo in the brief style much better. I like the black and white brief but like everyone else won't be buying it... there are alot of bags that would come before this puppy!:graucho:
  12. i like the gunmetal hw on the NM edition, hope they make it later on. great bags-but still prefer leather bal
  13. These are super cute!!! I might have to get the black/white city.

    *adds another bag to the wish list* :girlsigh:
  14. these are cool. thanks for posting this for us! that is so awesome of you!
  15. I like them especially the black/white, but no likey suede. Thanks for posting these!