Holiday and Fall Patchwork 50% off at Dillards B&M!!

  1. According to my favorite deal site - www.*************** someone is reporting the patchworks at 50% off and some other bags at 25% off (I wonder which bags they are referring to at 25% off). If anyone can confirm that would be great. The post is linked here

    If anyone has a modeling picture of the tote that would be awesome. I had my eyes on the patchwork tote for awhile but did not pull the trigger yet.

    I LOVE Coach deals!!!!!
  2. Sorry I am new to this and don't know why I can't post the link, anyway - here is the text from the other website post:

    My Dillards just marked down the small Fall and Christmas patchwork bags to $89.00 (50% off original price). They've also marked down several other Coach bags by 25%. Good luck ladies:smile:.
  3. Luv... are these deals at the actual dillards store or their online store? I usually NEVER see deals on any COACH bags, only at the outlets... :confused1:
  4. I believe these are in the brick and mortar store (b&m) and not the online store (they never seem to go on sale online - at least the coach doesn't - I have seen the dooney and bourke bags on sale online though - Coach probably has some sort of pricing protection for online retailers as you never seem them "on sale" online, unless the retail price was lowered by coach.)

    Here is another reply to the post about the bags from the other website - looks like the large tote may not be on sale at dillards but possibly at macys?

    Dillards has the smaller patchwork bag on sale 50% off and the larger bag is only 25% off. Macy's has the larger patchwork bag (also called Holiday I believe) for 50% off ($199) and also one of the traditional Coach bags (with the "C" pattern) so it's not just the Patchwork style that so offended a previous poster! There were less than a dozen bags at 50% off akk told, but Coach at 50% is still a good deal if you're a Coach fan. Additional 20% off coupons cannot be used for Coach at Macy's, but you can use the $10 rewards coupons.
  5. its true...dillards makes down their inventory's not online though...$89 seems a little much though...but i'm not good at math lol
  6. CoachGirl - not sure where you live but in Atlanta Macys always seems to have some bags at 25% off and Dillards can have 25 and 50% off coach bags. It is an especially good deal when you get an add'l percent off sale at Dillards as that amount (either 30% or occasionally 50%) applies to coach as well.
  7. there isn't even a dillards where i live... :sad: o well... hope all of you find great buys... be sure to post pics!
  8. The Von Maur in my town has all the patchwork stuff along with a lot of the ergo hobos marked down quite a bit for the last few weeks. I keep telling myself they want to get rid of some of the old inventory in preparation for the new bags!
    Also, the Dillards has all the patchwork bags marked down too, and I live in Iowa!
  9. oooo... thanks runner, there is a Von Maur around my area... i might have to have a "looksy" on my way home from work tomorrow... :angel:
  10. I just read somewhere Dillard's has them on sale (dooney also) for 25-50% plus an addtl 30%. I'm going to call them in the morning and see.