Holiday 2010: Coach and Estee Lauder

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  1. Reading one of my blogs I subscribe to I stumbled over this:

    She writes:
    Follow the link above for more info, here are some of the pictures she posted on her blog (belonging to her of course!).


    Now, what this tells me though is that probably the makeup we've bought before was from EL (as if not already known...) including the polish set GWP we've seen in the past.

    You can see the other sets she's talked about HERE:

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  2. i love the gold and red set. i'd get one of these :smile:
  3. Awesome! I love estee lauder makeup.
  4. Oh wow Bunny this is fab... I really do hope it gets to the States I really ove Estee Lauder and the Coach Makeup bag is super lovely...

    I think for anyone this is the gift to get or give esp us Coachies...

    Thank you for the heads up...
  5. When can we order them?
  6. ^Not sure, I'll have to troll my local department stores to find out who'll be getting it.
  7. OMG!!!! I only wear EL products...I HAFTA get me one of those (or 5!).
  8. Well considering it's a collab between EL and Coach, it's safe to say that the polish, lipstick and shimmer powder we've bought in the past Coach branded was really from EL...
  9. thanks for posting, Bunny!!!

    I sooooooooooo have to have this great set!!
  10. *love*
  11. wow, i'd love to have this set, love the little case, it's so cute.
  12. Wow!!!! thanks bunny!
  13. ^^^macy's will have them for black friday but there are only 10,000 that were made and they expect that they will all sell out before 10...