Holiday 2007?

  1. I'm so excited for the holiday 2007 bags to come out!!! anyone have any insight???
  2. I ordered a holiday patchwork bleecker gallery tote today
  3. I just ordered the new 2007 Holiday Patchwork Bleacker Gallery Tote today too!! I actually ordered the duffle came yesterday...but the strap was WAY too long and to double it meant that one of the buckles just hung loose. It looked awful. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting the tote. One thing bothers me though...the pic that I saw in the flip book had a nice camel colored leather pocket on the front. The duffel I received is a very dark brown...I was really hoping to have light colored leather.
  4. Thanks for the info. I was wavering b/w the 2. I actually wanted a shoulder tote but so far a shoulder tote model (usually sold in dept stores) is not in the system.
  5. ^ Is that the Bleecker patchwork duffle 11465? (Didn't know it was "hoilday" if it's the same. . .)

    What's the number of the gallery tote? I am wondering if the color placement is not consistent and more random on these patchwork items. . .anyone know?
  6. Me too. I really wanted one I could put over my shoulder. The gallery tote has an 8 1/4 inch drop which is probably OK for now but not with a winter coat.
  7. The style # for the duffle is 11356 and 11358 for the galler tote.
  8. 11456 is completely different looking. 11358 has square patches. The patchwork is red, teals, metallics...I think it's really pretty. BTW, just spoke to a rep at Coach, the color of the leather is dark brown. The one in the flip book shown in the stores was an old pic and they changed the color of the leather right before production...hhhmmm.
  9. Thank you! :smile:

    Ooh, I will have to check that one out - the reds and teals sound beautiful! And darn about the dark brown change - that's so annoying when they change something when you were looking forward to what it WAS!
  10. Thanks for feeling my pain. I was complaining to my husband, and he said "What's's still brown". Men??!! :rolleyes:
  11. Are there any limited edition bags coming out? A couple years ago, I bought the tweed handbag, with pink velvet ribbon- I still LOVE it!
  12. OOOoooh, that tweed bag sounds adorable. I'm very new to Coach (was always a D&B girl) so I don't know what past styles look like, but that one sounds way cute. I love the look of the gallery totes, especially. I'm not sure about limited edition bags and I've been really looking around lately. Do those come out every year??