Holey Moley - the Courier 'X' (Extra Large)

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  1. As though the "regular" Courier wasn't large enough ... CultStatus (Australia) has the extra-large (they call it the Courier X) bag - here are the pics from their website. The second picture shows a comparison of the "regular" and "X" ... WOW :love: :heart: !
    CultStatus X-Large Courier.jpg CultStatus X-Large Courier - compare.jpg
  2. MASSIVE, lol!
  3. Yeah SerenitySue ... the perfect bag for the Aussies. We always run into Aussies and Kiwis while on holiday ... you're so lucky that you get 6 weeks of vacation (then again, you have to travel so far to get anywhere!)
  4. Its HUGE!!!!!! But I think I love it:love:
  5. Huge bags are supposedly "in" for f/w 06.
  6. This is my favorite new style.. now if only the leather was as fabulous....
  7. We have 6 weeks of vacation?? I think the Aussies you've been talking with are lucky duckies:lol: coz there is no legal requirement for any amount of vacation time here but generally the culture is for ppl to take up to 4 weeks off in a year.

    Aren't we the nicest ppl, though?:lol: Ack, don't bother with the Kiwis.. they're the poor substitute, plus they speak funny. Totally joking (HelenNZ..)!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Mimi, there is a quote I would DRINK to.
  9. No kidding ... then I guess my colleagues in Australia get the 6 weeks of vacation (I must say - we're pretty lucky in that we get 4 by default).
  10. Wow...I have had one week of vacation in four years! Well, that's why I am leaving (for the most part) legal work and moving further into education. YAY!

    The courier rocks! I want one! Do we have actual dimensions?
  11. What is the price point of the x? Anyone know?
  12. Wow! I could fit in that lol!
  13. Does cult status have a website?
  14. Holy cow - that is enormous! My 4 year old could fit in there!