Holes in my shoes is this normal?

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  1. Hey there fellow H members! I purchased a pair of the Irving loafers approximately 2 years ago and these shoes have been a constant headache. The first issue I had with them was a water spotting issue, where water spots had damaged the front part of both shoes. When I went to H, they dismissed me and I was forced to fix them myself. This most recent issue is what has gotten me really disappointed in the quality of H. I recently found holes forming in the corners of my shoes! I also noticed there are small open gaps in the back of the shoe where it looks like the leather wasn't stitched down properly. I really hate to ask this, but are any of these issues normal for H? I constantly hear great things about them but I feel very disappointed in the quality compared to other designers... my LV Monte Carlos look way better and I've had them for 8+ years now... even my Nike shoes that I've used for kickboxing and cardio for 2 years look better... 1) is this normal wear and tear? 2) what actions can I take? I barely even wear them...

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  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal with H shoes but I experience exactly the same with Tods Gommino which have a similar 'pebbled' sole.
  3. I'm not dismissing any of your worries pinky, these shoes are only 2 years old after all and I'm sure not your only shoes by a long way.

    However, like Gucci, LP and Tods loafer drivers, this type of design is far better suited to (changing into) and used for driving only or perhaps slippers. I see people wearing these types of loafers as normal everyday shoes out and about, but the design (sole included) is far more like a slipper and wears as such.

    I hope this may explain why they might not have worn as well as perhaps expected and absolutely not a judgement on how you've worn them (I repurpose everything and fellow tPFers will tell you ;))
  4. I have always wanted a pair of this style of shoe, but have restrained myself for fear of the wear you have experienced. I do think that papertiger is right that they are not meant to be worn as regular shoes, unfortunately. As for the water spots, is this barenia leather? If so, water spots can be expected.

    Someone posted recently that just because something is expensive, it does not mean that it is durable. Sadly, I think that is the case with these loafers.
  5. Im not sure if you walk a lot, but I was always told driving shoes are not worth the $$$$. They do tend to wear very bady no matter who makes them .

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  6. I would agree: Driving shoes' soles are really not designed for walking. And the water spots are not a sign of inferior leather--rather the opposite. I surely understand your disappointment, but I don't think the shoes are defective; rather, just not suitable for your purposes.
  7. I agree with papertiger as to the purpose of driving shoes.

    This is normal wear and tear.

    If you are concerned about the points on the heel you can rub a little clear/white cold candle wax onto the corners. This acts as a kind of filler and will smooth out the surface.
  8. Unfortunately, I think the wear/tear is normal for this style as others have mentioned. I've avoided drivers for this reason. They need a thicker sole to be durable.
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    Don't worry, I appreciate your response, in fact it reassures me a little bit! I really admire all of the honest and genuine opinions on here, as there isn't much I can do anyways besides gripe about it. It's only a shame because I have worn these shoes less than 20 times because of the water spot issue that I had early on and only just discovered how easily the corner eroded through and the large gaps in the stitching. Normally, I would agree that loafers do wear worse than ordinary shoes given that they are almost in direct contact with the ground, yet my LV driving loafers have been worn rain or shine for such a long time with no issues whatsoever. I even have Coach drivers too which have not had the same issues as well as a couple of MK ones. While the fronts of them tend to experience the normal wear and tear (very light rubbing/ normal color loss) , I've never had an issue this severe at all which leads me to believe it's a quality / construction issue unfortunately. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of drivers and flats :P and given the positive experience I've had with them from both premier and contemporary brands, I'd expect more from shoes that cost +$1k.

    Not entirely sure of the leather type but I suspect you're right. Either that or they are gold swift or vache leather. I agree they are beautiful, but would avoid them at all costs too now that I have learned my lesson from them.

    It's sad because it's true. Cost does not equal longevity, especially in this day and age. Unfortunately, I associate quality with durability to a certain extent. Given the few amounts of times I have worn them, it pains me to see them start falling apart this early, given H's stellar reputation.
  10. Unfortunately, you're right. I feel like I have wasted my money and I could've done better things with it - donating, vacation, even saving it, buying a bag or even a different pair of shoes that would've held up better and not developed holes. Unfortunately, I have to respectfully disagree with that last statement as my similarly styled Coach, MK, Prada and LV drivers have worn beautifully
    over the years but I definitely do agree and admit that the soles aren't always the most conducive for walking. I never really walked too far in them unfortunately. :sad:

    The water spots were easily fixable, so it was more of a nuisance than anything else. Just listed it as a forewarning to those who have considered purchasing this exact model of shoe from H. As I've said, they were barely even used at all throughout the time I've owned them and it's a shame to have them just sit in my closet. Haha maybe I should just stick to converse and Nike from now on :P

    Interesting tip, will try, thanks!

    I'm pretty much stuck with them, so any advice on how to fix it or any tips at all are welcomed :smile:
  11. Yeah it was suggested to me that I should do a ostrich . I think maybe bc H has l
    I've never owned a pair bc I'm a walker ! and I would distory them. I think they are so cute though, but I will steer clear of Hermes drivers. Hopefully H can fit them .

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  12. It looks like normal wear and tear. Do u drive wearing shoes?