Hole in the canvas :(

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I know this has been discussed but I don't think a conclusion has been made on what someone should do with an issue with the canvas. I know LV will not repair this but the bag is in good shape otherwise, so I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to to get worse :sad: has anyone come up with a solution yet? Pictures below.


  2. LV will not fix cracked or damaged canvas. I'm not sure if there's much you can do?
  3. I know LV won't repair it so I was hoping someone here found a useful tip for keeping cracks from getting worse. - maybe just wishful thinking :smile:

    I honestly don't even know what happened.
  4. Maybe a shoe repair place that also do bags may have a suggestion for you. I've seen a ton of LV products at my local shoe repair guy.
  5. Someone awhile ago posted their speedy with a hole on the front canvas.

    They took it to a leather shop and they sewed a leather circle patch to cover the hole in the same color leather as the bag. It was a nice fix. Can even get it embossed with initials to make it even more personalized.
  6. I'm sorry that happened. It's very rare for canvas to crack but once it happened, it's almost impossible to fix. I know it would bother me, I know I wouldn't be able to wear it.
  7. Thank you Venessa84. I will see if there is a shoe repair location that takes bags
  8. I was just going to refer her to that same thread, it was on a speedy b I believe. The leather repair placed leather patches on all four corners on her bag to cover previous ripped canvas & a round patch on the top (similar to yours OP) If you can see a positive in this is that the damage is in the center of your bag so a small patch will at least be centered, GL
  9. Thanks! I was thinking that might be an option :smile: just need to figure out where I could get that done - hmmm. :smile:
  10. Thank you!!! :smile: I really appreciate the advice!

  11. Definitely someone who will match the leather and thread of the bag! Details matter!

    Good luck! Hope your bag can be fixed and loved again!
  12. do this first then have it hand painted to cover the patch!
  13. Are there any suggestions on where to go if you live in the Boston area by any chance? I found that thread you all are referring to and wouldn't you know it, she was in Boston, but went to NY city for the repair :/
  14. Looks to be in the middle. So you can add a button or a gold hardware to cover that.
  15. So I am going to add something like a vachetta patch or button but until I can find someone professional to do it for me I am using a gel glue that will keep it from spreading, that way it's still malleable but should hopefully keep the bag from splitting further.... Thanks so much for the suggestions and kind words everyone!!