Hole in pajamas reveals Tnternet plagiarism

  1. Hole in pajamas reveals Internet plagiarism

    Fri Mar 9, 8:41 AM

    By Maya Thatcher
    LONDON (Reuters) - Candidates for British universities have been caught red-handed copying their applications from the Internet after hundreds mentioned "burning a hole in pajamas at age eight" on their online entrance forms.

    The phrase, taken from a Web site which provides examples of personal statements used by successful candidates, describes an early encounter with a chemistry set.

    Medical course applications from 370 others contained statements beginning with "a fascination for how the human body works" and 175 included anecdotes which involved "an elderly or infirm grandfather."

    A study published on Wednesday by UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, found that five percent of the 50,000 personal statements surveyed at random contained "borrowed material," lifted mostly from one free Web site: Studential.com - Information and advice for prospective students. Most of the material plagiarized, however, was adapted by applicants with direct copying from online sources standing at less than 1 percent, the study revealed. "There is a small problem but we're looking at ways to address it," said Byron Price, communications officer of UCAS.
  2. Haha that's so funny! :nuts:

    Omg I could so easily do something like that without realising one day. I'm such a fan of 'copy and paste', I can see how these students did that without paying proper attention to what they'd actually written.
  3. I just realized I typed "Tnternet" instead of "Internet." Oops!

    I'm sure lots of people have had unfortunate encounters with chemistry sets and experiences caring for a sick family member but the similar wording in all of them was just too suspicious.

    But those children with chemistry sets don't all burn holes in their pajamas.

    I got in trouble for something like that in college. I was writing an article about an old movie theatre in the town and I added historical information. I thought I had cited the source, but when the teacher checked, she couldn't find it. She told me to take out whatever wasn't 'mine' and she gave me an F on the article.
  4. I didn't realise that was a typo, I thought you were doing a Peter Kay (British comedian, don't know if you've heard of him?) anyway he talks about the 'Tinternet' a lot:p
  5. God, that's so ballsy. I'm amazed at how stupid people are with stuff like that. Don't people think that if they got an essay online that other people probably had access to the exact same essay, especially if the site is free?

    My Lord, if you're going to cheat at least be clever enough to do it well.
  6. oh man, i used to plagiarize in high school until i had to do this huge paper for one of my teachers. Everyone was scared of her and her nickname was Satan's Spawn. Well, i didn't realize another girl had done the same topic, and when we spoke about it we realized we had copied some stuff from the exact same essay. For 2 weeks i sweated bullets in class waiting for her to hand them back. And i knew she wouldnt just fail me, she was the type to scream and humiliate me in front of the class. I promised myself i would never ever plagiarize again if i escaped alive, and by the grace of god she didn't notice...so no more plagiarizing for me!
  7. If you're stupid enough to at least not reword it.. :push: I haven't really ever done anything like this, but I usually get my "inspiration" from somewhere. WHen reworking is so easy I don't see any reason to copy though.
  8. Hey, that was a popular chemistry set, it said right on the box that it was for 8 year olds, and the instructions for that particular experiment began "First, put on your pajamas."
  9. I'm guessing the set was for Christmas, which is why all of them were wearing pajamas at the time?

  10. whoa, wasn't that a tad harsh to give you an F?

    Reminds me of the time our music professor at my university just went and failed everyone in the class who wasn't a music major. She had personal problems and just took it out on everyone!
  11. She was THISCLOSE to failing me alltogether in the course, but because the rest of the article was my own material, she just decided to give me an F for the assignment.

    Her problem was that the information was taken word for word from the source.

    (I preferred the F over failing the class.)

    Salve Regina has a REALLY strict anti-plagiarism policy.