Holding out for the Bolide...

  1. Well.. the black togo or clemence in particular. I was trying to purchase one with palliduim h/w before 2/1 (37cm). The clincher is I have a $1,900 credit and SCP gift certs making the bag almost "free" so I HAVE to purchase it from SCP. They have other colors, other sizes and other leathers... but not THE ONE - So I guess I just have to wait. My SA is doing a "search" (Their computers were down today...) and will let me know. PLEASE SEND GOOD ORANGE VIBES MY WAY.:sos:
  2. Sending lots and lots of good vibes your way......

    As soon as I get my Birkin, I will be on a Bolide hunt!
  3. Good luck! If they don't have it I'm sure they can transfer one in to the SCP store! Keep us posted!
  4. Good Luck, K!!
  5. Wait. You want an Orange Bolide? Can they locate one and transfer it for you?
  6. ^^she wants black
  7. I hope they round one up for you soon! How exciting!
  8. Good luck! I hope they find you one really soon!
  9. I was considering the Vert but my "goal" this year is to be more practical. I always end up buying colorful items (tops/blouses especially) then they sit in my closet. My daughter ends up being the lucky beneficiary but.. Anyway I just see myself carrying the black alot more than a color.
  10. sending good vibes to you!
  11. Don't forget to keep us posted!
  12. Sending good vibes...sending good vibes... SCP has carried the black 37 in the past...I almost purchased one twice... Gosh, I would think they would be able to get one in for you...their stock is so low at the present...I can't wait for them to receive some inventory again... Good luck with your search!
  13. Hope you get one soon!
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Those are orange vibes!!! I know they work.
    Good luck!
  15. Thank you for the vibes... I'll let you know.