Holding off on impulse buy tonight customer service confirmed Damier ebene totally la

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  1. I called customer service inquiring on the vermis amethyste zcp and asked about the totally de that my SA denied was coming out. The LV phone SA said yes it is and it will be end of march in both the Mm and pm size. She didn't even hesitate and was very enthusiastic when I asked!

    So I'm going to save and wait another 26 days launch would be march 28th for preorders I gather if LV follows same pattern

    I'm so excited !
  2. I'm excited! I was going to purchase a totally MM last week but decided to wait for the DE. I hope someone has spy pics soon!
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing the info.
  4. I think the in store LV SAs have to pretend they don't know - or maybe they just don't hear about launches as quickly as the online LV customer service reps who have access to the computer system and can look things up.

    Anyways, I'm holding off on buying the Zippy Coin Purse, and saving that money to go toward my DE Totally MM, since I really spent a lot this weekend with the Black Lumi, the Vernis Cles Amethyste, and the Curieuse Compact Wallet!

    I need to pace myself!
  5. Excited to see this bag!! Thanks for the info OP.
  6. Do you know what the price will be?
  7. I don't, but should be same as what the Mono and DA Totally will be priced at tomorrow with the price increase. My SA just texted me back that she will see if it is in the store computer system yet, and will reserve one for me as soon as she is able to.
  8. Yeah, my SA said the same thing! Maybe we all should be working for LV instead, lol.
  9. A DE Totally? I'd thought I was done buying LV bags. If this is true now I have to start saving up for it, lol.
  10. Totally DE sounds great. You made the right choice :smile:
  11. It is confirmed as I already reserved my Totally. Launch on March 28 or before
  12. Exciting!! Did they happen to show you any pictures in the look book?
  13. Can't wait till someone posts a spy picture :smile:
  14. +1!
  15. You reserved? My SA is going to let me know she said she didn't know if she could reserve yet for me yet