Holding Chloe cognac leather 'Paddington' saddle bag in Bluefly shopping cart

  1. I'm currently holding a Chloe cognac leather 'Paddington' saddle bag in my Bluefly shopping cart in case anyone is interested. I can't afford it this month (just bought a taupe paddington from LVR) but I figured I should hold it for someone in this forum. :greengrin: Let me know if you're interested, I'm not sure how long bluefly lets you hold stuff for anyways...
  2. isn't there a whole debate right now about how bluefly is selling fakes? you should look up previous threads on bluefly!!! :P
  3. sorry!! Just trying to be nice
  4. I thought the fakes were Balenciaga only, so they're selling Chloe fakes too?
  5. oh- eek! i don't know!! thats why i was bringing it up! hahaha :P
  6. hangthedj, your doggie avatar is adorable!
  7. Thank you, that's my shih tzu, his nameis Mochie:biggrin:
  8. Oh, that sounds interesting!!! I love that color!