Holding a patent "ardoise" paddington at Nordies

  1. My SA is holding a patent ardoise paddington at Nordstom for me (for 24hrs) It's originally $1800 and is on sale for $719.90. I'm not going to get this so I'll have her hold it to anyone who calls her. Just tell her your interested in the bag and on hold for Julie. Good luck and be sure to post a picture.

    Rachel Harvey @ 503 224-6666 ext 1255

    Oh yea she has some large dome satchel too, not to sure about the color and price so if you're interested just call her.
    patent padd.jpg
  2. Looks pretty! But, I'm on a ban. Thanks for the post!
  3. Thanx, on a ban too....:push:...Maria...you'd be so proud of me for sticking with the ban....:crybaby::crybaby:such a good deal though.
  4. Thanks for posting! It looks nice, but I can't enlarge it for some reason..I've been having problems with my laptop not liking popups :sad:
  5. Sorry but I got the picture small. I searched for better pictures but I suck at the internet.
  6. Great bag...it's so tempting...must resist...
  7. Ooooh, I'm looking for a chloe paddington on sale for a long time now. I would love to buy it, if it's available still. The thing is, do you guys know if she will be able to ship it to Chicago? If yes, how much? Hope I'll be able to buy one soon.;)
  8. I tried calling the number ^ but the SA who answered the phone said that the person ^ would be off for 4 days... :sad:
    I wonder if the bag is still available?
  9. Well the SA ships to me all the time, ($8.95 s&H) I'm sure she should be able to. Perhaps one of the SAs can help you, try calling again and remind them that a bag that Rachel is holding for Julie is the one you want. I let her know that a TPFer may want it.