holders for your handbags

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  1. Do any of you use those holders that attach to the chair or table for your bags? I've been thinking about it but don't want to look weird. :nuts:

  2. I know I dont want people to be like "what is she doing". But unless the person has nice bags as we all do they wouldnt understand that you need to baby the bags. I have never and would never put my bag on the ground, I always place it in a chair next to me if available or hang in on the chair, if that isnt possible I hold it.
  3. i was at the movie theatre with my friend and she put a huge napkin on the ground and then placed her dior on top of it. lol.
  4. No one sees it - I have one and I love it but my BF picked it up at a garage sale for a dollar so it isn't the most gorgeous - but it looks fine and does the job and I'm glad I have it. It keeps my bag close to me at dinner so I am comfortable about where it is.
  5. Smile, so glad to have you guys; I will get one ASAP. I never know what to do with my bag if a free chair is not available or it can't hang on the back of my chair. I recented got a zucca and leather spy from elux and it won't stay on the back of the chair. I was at a meeting last week and had it in my lap....that is a big bag to have in your lap. One of the ladies gave me a look. I could care less the bag wasn't going on the floor.:amuse:
  6. LOL

    i'd do that too if people wouldn't think i'm crazy!
  7. I leave mine on my lap like a child...hee hee.
  8. once again: LOL. That's so cute.
  9. I have never heard of this! Can someone post a pic or have a website on where I can get these? I don't like to place my bags on the floor either and either put them in my lab or behind my back on the chair.
  10. I have never linked to somewhere else on the site...hope it works!
  11. Wow! Wouldn't that be heavy to hold in your bag? I think it would be nice feature at home but I didn't realize it was that big! :amazed: