Hold the phone!!! Coach Factory to open in Woodburn, OR!

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  1. A few months ago I heard talk of a Coach Outlet opening in Woodburn, OR. I was SUPER excited, as the only outlet in Oregon is about 1 hour away. This will be about 30 minutes for me and much better roads to drive. I just decided to check the Woodburn Company Stores website and it says Coach Factory coming March 9th! :yahoo:
  2. Very cool! I've been to that outlet mall whenever we needed a break from driving from California to Seattle. It's a great mall other than the fact there isn't much to eat there.

    Best part is no sales tax!!!! woo!!!
  3. Really?? I have to check that out!! Wow! You made my day. I live south of Woodburn an my parents are to the north. I am always driving by! Thanks for the news!!
  4. No. Freaking. WAY!!!

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, I just totally screamed and jumped for JOY!!! YAY, I can't believe it's happening!!!!! Awesome, I ll be first in line when they open LoL!!! ahhhh awesome! I m so excited :yahoo::yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  6. Yeah I am so excited! We don't have to go to the coast for the outlet now!! I love Woodburn as it is, I buy all my gym shoes there!!!:yahoo:
  7. oooh cool!! i go to the beach all the time but woodburn is much closer! they are getting a north face too which i'm excited about. i already love the nike and puma (:
  8. How far is Woodburn from Hillsboro and Beaverton? Is it closer than the Lincoln City Outlet?

  9. i live near portland and woodburn is around an hour and lincoln city is about 2 hours or around there
  10. I still think that woodburn would be closer than LC. It's the complete opposite way, but in my mind the distance seems a lot less... I live in Milwaukie and it takes me about 30 min to get to woodburn. Its on I-5 exit 272 i believe. Maybe you can calculate how many miles that is from you.
  11. I'm in Aloha and it's a 2½ hour drive for me to Lincoln City. 45 mins to Woodburn.

    Yeah, I'll take Woodburn.
  12. woodburn is getting an ann taylor, the north face, and coach. any other stores?
    i'm excited about coach and north face. my mom will like ann taylor even though they already have good sales :]
  13. I love the Lincoln City Coach outlet. Everything about it is great. They always seem to have a great selection in signature and leather. The people who work there are great. I really hope this new outlet lives up to my high expectations. I can't wait!!
  14. I completely agree. I also love that it's never busy, at least when I go there. :tup:
  15. i like that it's never busy too! it's always very empty and the people are so nice.