hold old are u? ANONYMOUS


hold old are u

  1. under 20

  2. 20-25

  3. 25-30

  4. 30-35

  5. 35-40

  6. over 40

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  1. somebody told me coach is really for the under 21 set. i found this hilarious but wondered how old the coachies on ehre r
  2. I don't mind telling my age... I'm 41! I bought my first Coach bag at 40 years old! I think there are plenty of styles for the well-over-21 set!
  3. Just turned 24
  4. I am 32 years old today!

    Happy birthday to me!!
  5. 16 :smile: and loving it lol
  6. ^^ Happy birthday!!

    I turned 22 on the 13th. Blah.
  7. I'm 20, i'll be 21 in June.

    My boyfriend's mom carries Coach and she's in her 40's.
  8. I'm 21, and my first substantial purchase did not come UNTIL I turned 21. I see many of these as styles I'll use much later in life, not just now.
  9. I am 38 and have been wearing coach at least 10 years! Not exclusive until about 2 years ago. I tried LV and chloe but coach is way more afordable and love the leathers. My friends buy one bag for the season and I buy 3 !
  10. i dont think there is an age for a purse, i like to think bags are form of expression, style. I think designers try to see what a certain age group may prefer, but there have been plenty of styles marketed to a younger/older group that i have loved.
  11. I'm 24 and have been collecting coach for 2 years.
  12. I'm 29 for 9 more days...turn 30 on January 1st.

    I got my first Coach bag when I was 23.
  13. I am 29...the big 3-0 will be upon me this year.:crybaby:
  14. Turned 42 this past Sept. Have loved Coach for about 10 years.
  15. 17... 18 in 2 months :smile: