Hold me in Dark Blue Crash - IMAGINE!

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  1. Ladies!

    I just talked to Jackie and the tannery does have the leather, but it does not yet belong to BE. So, if there is interest, and we moved quickly, we could do a group bespoke for a Blue Crash hold me, which I just think would be FAB!

    Bespoke price with leather lined handles is $495. So, with the $50 discount, price would be $445

    I already have an IRL friend on board, so I'll start a little list.

    If this doesn't gain momentum, I'll just do my order with my friend.

    1 - lanasyogamama, silver hw, dark gray lining
    2 - diane, silver hw, dark gray lining
  2. Omg, NOTHING! I guess this isn't going to take off, lol!
  3. I'm in!
  4. Lana, wait! Don't give up yet! Great Day Miss Agnes, I feel like I spent several years trying to get my most precious Gold Love Me bespoke up and running, but finally it took off, and I received my beloved GOLDIE! Give this a few days, at least!
  5. OK! You KNOW how easy it is to get impatient! I will hang in!!

    You in Moonie? ;)

    1 - lanasyogamama, silver hw, dark gray lining
    2 - diane, silver hw, dark gray lining
    3 - bonniekir
  6. It's just so nerve wracking when Jackie indicates that she could lose the leather. :faint:
  7. I do wish I could be in with you, Lana, but I'm committed to the Blue Crash Kissie bespoke as well as the Black Crash Kissie bespoke. I've got a Stroke Me BEC that was just picked up by Marco yesterday, and I am still going to order a pumpkin Tote Me. Also, I want another black bag. I only have one, and I'd like to be able to rotate them. But I will be more than happy to help you here in anyway that I can! XX
  8. Thanks Moonie!
  9. Lana - don't panic! When this leather was released it was very limited availability but quite a few ladies managed to get bags. I'm sure it will last until the end of the week.
  10. Thanks VanBod. I got some clarification from Jackie. She meant that she wouldn't recommend having the delivery date pushed out for months. I still will probably still just wait until Monday or so, just because I am NOT PATIENT!!!
  11. I don't think you're impatient. I think you're WISE. Very wise not to push back the delivery date for months. I feel okay pushing our Black Crash Kissie back because Junie still has enough of that leather. Not so with the Dk. Blue Crash, right? You must get it while it lasts!